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Getting Ready and Astrology Forecast February 28-March 6

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Got through Mercury Retrograde last week, and what a MR it was this time. It seemed to be more difficult than usual, most have said.

We are about a week removed from it now, as it has been in Direct motion since February 20. Now clarity may feel sufficient enough to make that decision you have put off. As the skies clear, you now or soon will move forward with less baggage in your mind and heart.

MR does often bring people or their memories back into our dreams or our waking consciousness, and though they might have felt unpleasant or even painful at the time, now you have experienced it all from a different perspective, from a deeper vibe.

Old patterns are breaking down, but some of us have an almost fierce attachment to someone or something that has been getting ready to leave on some level of being.

Many of us live in cultures that teach that our children belong to us, to be possessed.

We own homes and cars too, and like to stock up on possessions.

Many are holding on so tightly now, even more so than usual, as they have no real sense of where we are going yet, not personally or collectively.

This tells me that we will have new experiences that we cannot identify yet. Covid seems to be becoming less of a threat, especially so with more vaccinations, but what about the new variations of the Virus?

The stock market has created an artificial bubble with no clue from inside it about what is outside that protected bubble.

The Culture War intensified as the USA Capitol was invaded and desecrated, as threats of murder against Pelosi and Pence were shouted out loud.

And just this last week, the new Biden administration dropped bombs inside Syria apparently for the purpose of warning Iran that it can be targeted by the USA anytime it so chooses.

The old Military/Industrial Complex is in a dominating position still, but it will face growing threats. The symbol of that Empire/Complex in the USA natal chart is its Pluto in the 2nd House, a Taurus-type house.

Jupiter and Saturn made conjunction with the USA natal Pluto last year, showing chinks in the armor. For the next few years we are in the sphere of Pluto’s first ever Return to its natal position at 27+ degrees of Capricorn. Pluto has an approximate 250 year cycle, taking us back to its beginning on July 4 1776.

So this Military Industrial Empire Complex is up against very deep transformation in the works for the next few years. The future condition of USA military, police, stock market and general economy is going to change on a very deep level.

Remember that at the same time as this Pluto Return, we are entering the Age of Aquarius. So Transformation is and especially will be very powerful.

Can you feel the energy of this Transformation? People are getting more into spirituality, meditation, dream journaling, metaphysics, social causes, and more sensitivity to Human Rights and true Justice.

And for some this means a deep commitment to that Social Justice. The “Me Too” movement for Equality of the sexes and the Black Lives Matter cause are bringing ferocious voices of “no turning back”. The Trans and fluid gender movements are strong now too. The forces against it are powerful also

As these new movements and ideas are happening, the MAGA movement is still alive even as Trump has lost the Presidency. Is Trump the new Jefferson Davis? The power to Resist the tidal wave of transformation into a new Paradigm and Age of Aquarius is also quite fierce.

In a better true community all voices are heard and understood. The MAGA people are obviously frightened of the changes into a world they do not know or are open to. And privilege is not easy to let go of. In this true community perhaps changes would be slowed down but still recognized as inevitable evolution of our species.

Overall Evolution cannot be stopped. We are collectively and individually in a deep process of transformation of consciousness. This is necessary in order to reside in a new Paradigm and Age.

The veils between dimensions are getting thinner and thinner. There are more reports than ever before of sightings of “ghosts, UFOs, aliens, and other “creatures”.

My “radio” show will next be presented on Saturday March 6 at 1 PM MST. Its purpose is to be aligned with the Age of Aquarius. There is a new consciousness and paradigm necessary in order to be connected to this new age and paradigm. That is the commitment of this Perspectives from the Sky Radio on the Oneness network.

The Uranus/Neptune Conjunction in the early ’90s showed us some of what is happening for this Age of Aquarius. Computers and the Internet (Uranus) were in the beginning stages of being in our world. Wow- Look at them now. We have set up a world that cannot live without the devices and new technology.

Also in the early ’90s New Age type spirituality (Neptune) started to become more important as well. We now look more for synchronicities, signs, symbols, planets, divinations, rituals, and diverse healing modalities.

Being part of this new consciousness and new dimensions is very important now. Next show on March 6 will have a new guest from here in Arizona who says she has been quite involved with entities not known in our usual consciousness and lives.

Astrological viewpoints are especially important on the new show, and in later shows I will give mini readings on the air. And others known as psychics or mediums will also give mini readings on the air. We will work within Tarot and Numerology paradigms as well.

This week astrologically we begin to move away from the recent Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo, which will be still “felt” by some all through the weekend. As we get through this full moon, we enter the waning half of the lunar cycle, which will show us the light from the Moon getting more and more dim till the turning point of a New Moon in Pisces on Saturday March 13.

Mars moves out of Taurus and into Gemini on March 3 this week. It will stay there until April 23. So slow, steady, grounded, security minded desires of Taurus leave in order to get more into learning and sharing information, as well as more desires for light and fun relationships. And more desire to be in our minds than be in our bodies.

That movement into more light and airy activities could be just right considering all the intensity we have been experiencing.

This time of year, during Sun in Pisces, we process where we have been, feel more deeply in our souls, and start thinking of Spring and Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere. It is advised to find some time for reflection and introspection now. Meditation is a good idea,

Pisces/Virgo Full Moon has brought energies that want little or no ego to get in the way. It is time for more letting go and surrender

Till next week,


Next radio show (actually video show} is next Saturday March 6 at 1 PM MST.

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