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Getting Ready for Greater Transformation and Astrology Forecast April 26- May 2

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This last week brought us a New Moon in Taurus on Earth Day.  Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, and the Planet Earth is pretty fixed as our home.  And Earth Day has represented through the years our desires to clean up and heal this planet and the environment surrounding it.  

Taurus as fixed Earth is also our ability to earth, to make real, to build resources and security, and to manifest what has been previously only an idea or inspiration.

So this week we carry the New Moon in Taurus’ recent movements forward with some momentum, as the lunar cycle is in its waxing half, moving up to the Full Moon.

That Full Moon will be next week on May 7.  It will be a powerful Full Moon in Scorpio, which is also the Wesak Full Moon, associated with Buddha and Buddhism.

Speaking of power, the weekend that begins this week, Saturday April 25 and Sunday April 26, is intense and transformational.   Pluto changes direction from Direct to Retrograde on the 25th, and the Sun conjuncts Uranus on the 26th.

This could be a very intense and difficult time period for some, as emotions will tend to break open and rise to the surface.

Too add to the theme of change being in the air this weekend, Mercury squares both Pluto and Jupiter on the 25th.

When a planet changes directions, for a couple days surrounding that movement, that planet’s energy and meaning are more alive than usual.

Pluto is intensity, passion, and power, and as such moves deeply within our consciousness, bringing to the surface what has been previously held in abeyance.

And as that Pluto makes square to Mercury (along with Jupiter), it moves strongly through our minds, helping us to release old ego stories.

As it works to release those old stories, it is opening our minds to the potential of new ways and a new chapter of our lives.

This time in isolation has been a great time for inner reflection and connection with our inner world.  And Pluto can help the process of looking at deeper issues we have been previously distracted away from.

Then overnight from the 25th into the 26th, the Sun makes conjunction with Uranus in Taurus- waking us up from any dependencies or “comfort zones” that have been holding us back.

That aspect may also help us to connect with new comforts, pleasures, money making ideas, or manifesting what we are now ready for.

Those waves of transformation will likely still be experienced on Monday.

Tuesday when Mercury, having Monday just entered Taurus, makes tight square with Saturn in Aquarius, we may begin to get more realistic, or more aware of potential limits.

On Thursday the 30th, the Sun in Taurus makes square to the Moon in Leo, giving us a turn into the 2nd quarter of the Lunar Cycle.

Our heart will spontaneously be wanting to come alive, and as such may be bored by any needs we have had to stay in our Covid “comfort” zones.

In the world there is a desire now to be more alive and get back out into life and work.

It will be very important, being aware of this desire now, to find a balance between being safe (Taurus) and creatively alive (Leo).

Many will want to keep playing it safe with Covid, while others are wanting to open up and experience more and be ready to get back to work and make money.

Both desires will need to be honored and worked out somehow. Each person will need a different balance than do others.

But of course we all also need a sense of responsibility to the collective, to others who are more susceptible to serious illness and death. This is now a difficult turning point for our human family handling this pandemic.

And in late May the winds of change will begin to flow in  at the beginning of another Eclipse Season. Then in June/July comes the intensification of  metaphorical storm clouds (maybe actual ones also), accompanied by big shifts in the world.

In June/July there are 3 eclipses, not the usual 2:  June 5 Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius; June 21 Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on Summer Solstice; and July 4/5 another Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, this time in Capricorn.

Additionally and importantly, Jupiter will make another exact conjunction with Pluto at the end of June also- again at 24+ degrees of Capricorn ( same degree of conjunction as in early April.

This time period, which is the next Eclipse Season since the one in January that opened the gates for what would become the Corona Virus that has shaken up all of our lives all over the world, will initiate the next wave of change and transformation.

The Presidential Election process will go through some new twists and turns as a result of this new Eclipse Season.  There will also be important turning points with our relationship with Covid 19 then.   And countries will tend to test one another during their vulnerabilities from the Virus.   Spotlight potentially on China, North Korea, Iran, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, India.

At the same time, during this new and longer Eclipse Season, positive transformations will open up as they did after the last Eclipse Season.

The sequestration from the Covid at the last Eclipse Season has helped us to turn inward, to shift priorities, to be more aware of how this world is in big trouble and needs to transform (from before Covid).

The world’s economic system is transforming now and will never be the same; America’s reputation is greatly suffering as it has lost connection with its core values; oil is a dying energy resource; we need to join people all over the world in unity as we are all members of the same Human Family.

And in personal lives people are getting more in touch with their true wants and needs; more aware of their need to be authentic and live authentic lives; more aware of the need to have better relationships; more aware of a need to have genuine purpose for their lives; more aware of the need to be a member of community, community that reflects a need to be with others of common purpose.

The Universe has called us together for these world challenges.  We are on the ride together into the Age of Aquarius; an Age of Equality between nations, cultures, and people; of Diversity within Unity; an Age of having Love and Truth light our human evolution into its higher destiny; and creating a more solid bridge between “Heaven and Earth”, between Soul and Body.

Please join me on Saturday May 9 at 10:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time for a Webinar on Zoom.  This Webinar will help give you a Bigger Picture of our world and human challenges now; an astrological viewpoint of America, Trump, Biden, Cuomo, Warren, Israel, China, North Korea, other leaders and countries, and the Stock Exchange; a deeper view of our human condition and evolution into the New Human and Age; a look at the potential for other worldly Visitations; and of course some ideas for how to understand and navigate the transformation of our individual consciousnesses and lives that we now face.

Cost is $20.  Write me at to register and/or for more information.

Till next week,


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