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Getting Ready for Spring and Astrology Forecast March 14-20

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week is the last week of Winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the last week of Summer in the down under countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

Spring Equinox is Saturday March 20 at 5:37 AM EST and 2:37 AM PST- United States.

So most of this coming week is Winter, the last days of Winter 2020/2021. The New Moon in Pisces was Saturday March 13.

New Moon in Pisces means both Sun and Moon are in Pisces together. Pisces has a rather nebulous vibe to it. In fact if looking at clouds one often can see and/or feel faces, figures, soul images in those clouds.

And there is the essence of Pisces. It sees inside, true insightfulness at its best.

Seeing and sensing the Soul of life can bring one into very places. And in those places or frequencies or dimensions what one sees and senses seems like an hallucination at times, a figment of our imagination.

But is it truly a hallucination made from a quite imaginative place inside, or is it a peering into a deeper soul realm that might actually be trying to communicate with us.

I am sure many of the readers of this blog have taken magic mushrooms, LSD, or other such drugs. Was what you were seeing during these “trips” truly a deeper view of the Soul world? Or was it merely our imagination, a reflection of our hopes or fears?

Where do we go when we dream? What is trying to connect with us from there? Sometimes it does seem we truly have been flying in our souls. Or has some Soul Source been messaging us signs and symbols of information from the depths of Spiritual dimensions? Do we sometimes truly leave our bodies in our dreams while we sleep?

Our deep personal unconscious world, a place we do not usually have clear connection or control with, is communicating with us in dreams. And sometimes it is the Collective Consciousness speaking to us, a place we can get psychic visions of what may soon happen.

So do your best during this Pisces lunar cycle to explore your inner world, your dreams, your vision, your in-sight. Your meditation practice can be vastly improved now . Exploration into these inner planes of consciousness, through meditation, will give you the experience and confidence you need to be adept in those deeper dimensions.

Christ apparently gave a go sign for soul exploration when he reportedly said “the Kingdom is within”.

And it is indeed. What we connect to, imagine, explore in these dimensions, it has great effect on what our outer world experience can be.

Much healing can be gained through the inner world of soul. And perhaps most important of all, we get used to seeing, feeling, knowing that all is connected. Relationships get better as a result.

And then when it is time to take new adventures up in the tangible outer dimensions of life, we are ready.

So this week enjoy this inner world of soul, which includes within it; music, film, and true art and artistry. Psychology, metaphysics, and spirituality are also about the inner realities, inner values, and inner frequencies.

Saturday March 20 brings us into the March 20 Spring Equinox at 5: 37 AM EDT; 2:37 AM PDT.

So we get somewhat more energized and motivated around the Spring Equinox as the Sun goes into Aries for a month. Aries is the force of buds beginning to come through the branches for Spring. Aries is sperm all swimming to be the first to enter the egg. It is a pioneer finding new places, new ideas, new ways of being, new consciousness.

Aries also is ruled by Mars, which has always been known as the god of war. The Rams like to butt heads in competition or conflict.

Aries can get a bad rap about being selfish or self serving, and it can be sometimes. But speaking more to its greater focus and higher essence, it is about self honoring, self respect, being true to Self and true to who one has been created to be. Their biggest “sin” for them is in being something other than true to who one is.

It seeks to master whatever it gets involved in, be #1. It is the spark of life, and as such it can be very motivational.

Spring equinox has Light catching up to Dark, bringing more hope. After that moment of equally balanced Equinox, Light gets stronger every day until Summer Solstice when Light is at its zenith.

This Spring Equinox is a time to wake up out of winter rest. But the true time of New Beginnings and Awakening is when the Moon catches up to the Sun in Aries for a New Moon in Aries.

That happens this year on April 11. And this Aries New Moon is more powerful than usual as it is makes a close square to Pluto in Capricorn at the same 22 degrees of cardinal signs that happened at the most powerful conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in January 2020. That aspect helped bring on the Covid Virus..

This New Moon in Aries will also be making close sextile formations with both Jupiter in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini. And that Mars will have just returned to its natal USA chart position of 21+ degrees of Gemini.

And to top it all off, the American Civil War began on April 12 1861 with shots fired at Fort Sumner that day. The Sun was at the same 22+ degrees of Aries that it is on April 11 2021.

We are obviously in a modern day Culture War, not that dissimilar to issues that brought on the American Civil War. The January 6 invasion of the USA Capitol is proof of such a notion.

That Aries New Moon on April 11 could bring focus on the USA Culture War at this time.

Eclipse Season starts a month or 6 weeks later. This will be a most important Eclipse Season.

Right now enjoy the soul travels of Pisces, keeping in mind it is a good time for healing, crying, sadness while grieving and releasing old memories of times gone by.

Let it all go without judgment, and get your self ready for the Equinox on March 20, which is an appetizer for the April New Moon in Aries on April 11.

Till next week’s Blog and Radio Show. See below for Radio info.


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