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Global 2017 and Astrology Forecast January 1-7.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

January 2017 starts with Mercury still Retrograde until January 8. So we begin the New Year 2017 allowing ourselves to think and perceive differently than usual.  It is more natural now to think outside our usual boxes, so we can solve problems more from a creative, imaginative way than in the usual linear way.

We also begin the New Year knowing that Donald Trump will be inaugurated president before the month of January ends- on January 20.

His new administration pretty much defines a Military/Industrial complex with wealthy corporate cabinet members and advisers as well as many military Generals, an oil tycoon, etc.

For the next 4-6 years the part of the USA chart that represents power and money and solid institutions that hold power and money will be challenged.

The USA has Pluto (power) -think plutocracy- in the 2nd house of money, in Capricorn (solid institutions). Starting in 2017 and going into 2022-23 this money, power, and superpower part of the USA natal chart will be aspected by strong transformational planets.

This will likely mean that the current USA institutions that hold its money and power will be severely challenged to go through an experience of death followed by a rebirth into something new.

The banking institutions, stock market, pentagon and military will be severely changed over these years.

The “goal” , metaphysically speaking, will be to transform America into an equal member of a world body that represents Diversity within Unity, a definition of the Age of Aquarius.

One of big reasons I predicted Trump to win was because I saw that his natal chart connected to that aforementioned USA Pluto in Capricorn in the 2nd house.  And I also saw his natal chart was very connected to the USA natal Mars. Together Mars and  Pluto represent its military, police, and economic institutions, or in other words the Military/Industrial Complex.

His Sun is in Gemini at around 21-22 degrees, which is where the USA natal Mars is placed (military and police). This means he is very connected to the militaristic segment of the USA. His Moon in Sagittarius is also connected to this USA Mars by opposition.

His Venus and Pluto in Cancer are directly opposite to the USA Pluto in Capricorn which represents its power and wealth. That connects him strongly to the USA financial institutions and its Superpower desires, though it also shows some differences with those institutions.

Starting in late January and continuing through February and March 2017 Trump should face his first real challenges to his administration, especially that which connects to the USA Mars’ militarism.

Military conflicts may be ignited, but at the very least the USA will then face challenges to its military power through threats or strong statements from others.

February brings two strong eclipses along with a Mars conjunction to Uranus in Aries, which triggers the USA Mars.

This triggering of USA Mars by Uranus and Jupiter and Saturn will continue most of the year.

And in August through October the USA Moon in Aquarius, its Mars in Gemini and its Pluto in Capricorn will all be triggered. This means its inner values and comfort (Moon), its military institutions (Mars) and its financial strength (Pluto in 2nd house) will all be in the spotlight then- with more turmoil and more ready for transformation.

In August there are 2 more eclipses as well as triggers to the USA Mars again; then in August through October its natal Pluto will be triggered by Uranus and Jupiter.

This means we will likely face big stock market declines and greater external threats from other countries or cultures.

It is pretty obvious that a serious culture war is brewing between Judeo-Christian radicals and Muslim radicals.

And a serious culture war is also brewing between red and blue state cultures in the USA. The Trump campaign brought out and further stoked this potential conflict as well as the aforementioned “religious” culture wars.

While these challenges will bring strong measures by military and police, counter cultural movements like a million woman march on Washington right after the Inauguration will also break open.

More and more people will be waking up to the threats to our deeper values, the corruption, the lack of fairness, the needs to protect our Earth and environment.

Breakdowns of old and decaying institutions will happen as well as breakthroughs into new ways of thinking and being in this country and on this Earth.

This coming week will be the last week of Mercury Retrograde. Lack of true clarity continues until January 8 when Mercury goes back Direct.

Then the “airwaves” of our minds begin to get clearer, the path begins to show, and decisions are more effectively made.

Mercury Retrograde puts our mind in reverse in order to remember the past, to question our previous decisions and choices, and to help us to reflect from an inventive creative perspective outside our usual mental boxes.

Then Mercury Direct brings more clarity as the “fog” lifts. But full clarity may not be found for another week or so.

Also we are still in the waxing upward moving part of the lunar cycle until the Full Moon in Cancer on January 12.

And this week, on January 3, Venus moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces.   Venus is usually very comfortable in Pisces as she can relate well then to those who are vulnerable and hurting.   Venus in Pisces has empathy and compassion.  So it is a good time from January 3 to February 3 to put your self in the shoes of others, most especially those who you have important close relationships with.

If you can understand how another person thinks and feels, you can then often realize that the other person is relating to you from a place of wounding or trauma.  It is not so personal.  And then if you make it easy for them to connect with your feelings, without blame or defensiveness or projection; you will be opening a doorway into healthier relating.

On January 7 the Sun in Capricorn makes conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn.  Around this time period intensity will increase and there is a greater degree potentially of power and control issues playing out.

Then on Sunday January 8 Mercury finally goes back Direct, as many people breathe a sigh of relief.  Give Mercury a few days to get back to normal speed before making those decisions or starting those important projects.

Till next week when we look at the New Year from a more personal transformational perspective.


I will put out a YouTube video soon after the first. I also intend to host an ongoing streaming radio show soon also. More on that later.

If you are interested in your personal year ahead, write to me at for more info on astrological readings/consultations

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