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In the Flow and Astrology Forecast March 7-13.

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are in the last quarter of the lunar cycle that began on February 11 at the New Moon in Aquarius. Whatever was begun at that time is winding down energetically. It is time now to release what still needs to be let go, so you can move forward with your life in new ways.

We are in the last quarter of the lunar cycle, and also the last days of the Solar cycle if considering Spring Equinox the beginning of the year energetically.

I do. Aries always feels to me like new beginnings for a new year.

This coming Saturday begins a new Lunar Cycle with a New Moon in Pisces at 5:21 AM EST on the 13th.

The new Solar Cycle begins on Saturday March 20 at 5:37 AM EST. at the Spring Equinox.

So these next couple weeks can be used to tie things up, wind down, readjust your thinking, find a place in your heart to trust more, and be ready to spread your wings after April 11 at the New Moon in Aries.

Most years the Spring Equinox, which brings the Sun into Aries, fails to motivate me into action. But the New Moon in Aries brings the Sun and Moon together in active, forceful, focused Aries, which is ruled by Mars.

Mark that time as a “new year” beginning.

In the USA, people have been letting the new reality in, since Biden won election on November 3 2020.

And a new age began not long afterward, on Winter Solstice December 20 2020, when Jupiter made conjunction with Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius. This coupling brought some light at the end of the tunnel of despair so many felt during the Trump years.

Biden and Kamala are the human coupling that has given people more hope for tomorrow. Others feel depressed knowing they will lead the country for the next 4 years.

Some of them believe they are bringing to the country communism, dead babies, and boys wanting to be girls as girls now want to be boys.

That of course is a grand exaggeration of what is moving into our lives.

Nowadays political parties tend to demonize what the other party wants or represents. Democrats tend to do the same thing too.

In reality the two parties are more alike than how they appear outwardly.

Both parties are run by powerful and wealthy organizations and corporations. Many politicians are beholden to those special interests. Less and less they represent the needs and wants of the people.

People usually choose between what they consider the lesser of two evils. This last Presidential Election felt different this time. People were very committed to the party of their choice as they demonized “the other”

This year old reliable and trusted institutions will crumble, as the stock market has its bubble burst out of its manic attitude and behavior. And when the manic bubble bursts, the natural opposite state of being takes over- Depression. The USA stock market has always been and will always be manic/depressive.

The worst such case was during the Great Depression. A big manic bubble was developed during the “roaring 20s”; and that bubble burst with a stock market crash in October 1929- The Great Depression followed. Then World War II began in 1938, and the economy came back to roaring before long afterwards.

But now is a different world in many ways than back then. The Federal Reserve props up the market and economy with made up money. Inflation will soon rear its ugly head and then all bets are off.

Downfall of the market will begin the process of transformation into a more equitable economy. Yea there will be added socialism with fair health plans as they have in Europe, hardly a communist region.

The USA needs to come back to core values and release its hold as a superpower that runs the world. Empires bring with them inequities and bullying.

The Military Industrial Complex we were warned of by republican President Eisenhower has come to fruition. Big Corporations and Big Government run our world, not “We the People”.

April likely will begin the bubble bursting, but if not you can count on Autumn 2021 as the bubble bursting time.

And neocons seem to have gotten back into government, and they will lead us into war with Iran and/or North Korea, eventually leading to war with China and Russia.

If alien ETS do get more prominent in our world affairs, which I do believe is or will be happening; the paradigm we give our allegiance to will crumble. We will get the knowledge of an Earth World and its history much different than what we have been programmed to believe.

This influence is already being felt at an inner dimension place in our souls.

This last week brought to me stories that are already shaking up my paradigm. A very respected and sane professional man experienced energies/entities holding his arms down by his wrists, while those arms were stretched out on the couch. He felt energies working on the back of his head while the arms were held back. I heard two similar stories this past week

Appears the veils between dimensions is getting thinner and thinner. This new reality will be influencing our consciousness and lives in ways we cannot fully understand yet.

Saturn square Uranus continues its influence this year, meaning the theme of Order versus Chaos has just begun. They exactly meet again in June and December.

This week, while in the yin waning phase of the lunar cycle, we experience the flow of Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Pushing hard for an agenda will not work now. What will tend to work better is a renewed sense of trust, enough so you can let go and surrender control of mind and ego.

This trust will help you in so many ways, as it will magnetize energies that can assist you in fulfilling your purpose for being here now.

I know too much trust in the past may have brought predators into your life. But you are not that person anymore. That person did not really respect themselves yet, so instead attracted people who would prove you were right.

But you are not that same self hating person are you?

On Saturday March 13 there is a New Moon in Pisces. Pisces time is a time to heal, to release old baggage, to trust, to surrender.

Deeper dimensions of reality call to us during Pisces time of year, and now at this New Moon, the Moon has joined the Sun in Pisces. Allow your self to be in the flow now, as you can ease up on pushing yourself to accomplish or win.

You can go over old hurts and traumas in a less toxic world than when you first experienced them. They can be released now more than before. You are ready to let go and feel more held in the arms of a loving Universe.

Till next week,


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