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Increasing Emotions- Astrology Forecast for September 12-18

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are shifting out of the summer of 2010 and its grand astrological aspects, and moving  slowly downward into the beginning of autumn. 

This weekend Mercury goes back direct on Sunday, a day after the 9th anniversary of the attacks on 9-11, 2001.   With all the furor over Koran burnings and the building of a mosque near the site of the 9-11 attacks, it is synchronistic that a very holy Islamic Ramadan ends around the same time.   And Jewish New Year has just begun.  

The Universe is delivering to us signs, symbols, and messages alerting us to the crisis unfolding between religious cultures.

A few weeks ago, on the day of Saturn square Pluto, just after Mercury went retrograde, a new nuclear plant was being inuagurated in Iran, assisted by Russia.   In the days leading up to this event, many political experts were stating their opinion of the danger to the world because of this nuclear plant opening.    They said it could be used to produce plutonium, which could be used for a nuclear bomb.  They said Israel might bomb that facility before its opening, as bombing it afterwards would cause a large radioactive fallout disaster.

Israel did not bomb the facility, and instead that weekend the USA announced plans to hold peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians.  If they can push through a success with these peace talks, they believe they can take away power from Iran.  They believe this because it is known that Islamic hatred toward the USA, Israel, and the western world is in large part because of the injustices perpetrated against the Palestinians. 

It is obvious to many that the occupation of Islamic countries by the USA, and the oppression of the Palestinians by Israel have been reasons for hatred toward America and were primary causes of terrorist attacks including the 9-11 attack.  Much of Iran’s following in the world by Islamic people is because it has championed the Palestinian cause.  If there was peace and a Palestinain state that popularity would be diminished.

Make no mistake, what happens in the Middle East now is most important.   During this summer of 2010 and its important astrological aspects, the Middle East has been simmering and getting hotter.  If no peace accord comes to Israel and Palestine, then war will be certain, likely world war.  And there will be great attempts by extremists on both sides to overthrow the talks.  Suicide bombings and settlement building would threaten these peace talks and could end them.

The USA has a history of great favoritism for Israel at the expense of the Palestinians. This perception has also been a big factor in generating hatred against the USA.    A peace accord and a state for the Palestinians might take some of that hatred away, if the accord is perceived as fair and respectful to Islam. 

 Roots of Christianity, Islam and Judaism are in the Middle East and specifically in Jerusalem.   The Pisces Age, which has been an age of the growth of organized religion and empires, is coming to an end as we enter the Aquarian Age.   What happens surrounding events in the Middle East is of great importance to this transition.  Keep a close eye on what happens there.

What happens in the economy is also crucial now, as the recovery that was predicted has at least slowed and perhaps there is no recovery at all.   Events resulting from the summer’s intense aspects are on the way soon, that will tell us what direction this economy is going in.

Of course the oil spill this summer also let us know more about the world we live in, and our addiction to oil which threatens to destroy oceans, wildlife and our relationship with Mother Nature. It also threatens us with more potential occupations and wars as we desperately steal from others to feed our addiction.     And the hatred from Islamic countries grows even stronger.  We need a vision and commitment to alternative sources of energy NOW.

Astrology Report

There is a downward pull now as we move close to the Autumn Equinox, when night and day will be equal. Unlike the spring equinox, when light then begins to increase, right after autumn equinox we turn more toward greater darkness, more yin energy.   The autumn equinox will be on September 22.  Interestingly, 5+ hours later there will be a Full Moon in Aries, triggering the cardinal t-square formation of this passing summer.

Intense emotions are coming to the surface and being expressed.  Jupiter and Uranus have left Aries and have both moved retrograde into emotional Pisces.  They will be conjunct in Pisces next Saturday September 18.  They are already stirring deep emotions.

To add to the emotional stirrings and yin-ward movements, Pluto is slowing down now and permeating the emotional planes with deep intense feelings and passions.  It goes from retrograde to direct overnight this Monday into Tuesday. Whenever a planet changes directions, its energies enter our awareness in stronger ways.  To add to the intensity, Venus will be in Scorpio all week and will be joined by Mars entering Scorpio on Tuesday this week, just after Pluto goes direct.

So expect this week to be intense and emotional.  There could be a powerful transformation for some, as intensities bring out strong emotions that were previously suppressed.  These expressions release stored energies, and bring issues to a crisis point. From there is a catharsis and a changing of attitudes.    Relationships can go through the beginning of healing and transformation. This would only be the beginning, as Venus will go retrograde in Scorpio on October 8, initiating a 6 week relationship changing journey.

We will talk more about that as get closer to the date

We are also in Virgo time of year and just began a Virgo lunar cycle at the New Moon in Virgo last Wednesday September 8. So while all these emotions are flowing, it is also time to get your life in order, simplify and make more efficient. Virgo time is the time to go back to school, to work harder, to fix and heal what need to be fixed and healed.

Mercury Direct

Most importantly, Mercury goes back direct to begin this week, on Sunday September 12 at 7:09 PM.  As it changes directions, we change our perceptions again.   Sometimes the changing tides of perception can be dramatic.  On presidential election day on November 7 of 2000, when Gore was competing with Bush for president of the USA, Mercury was going from retrograde to direct that night.  The media kept going back and forth between predicting Gore , then Bush, then Gore, etc.  It took many days afterward before Bush was declared the winner.  That is how confusing Mercury changing directions can be.

But overall, as Mercury goes back direct this Sunday, issues are getting more clear, and if in some cases they still are unclear as Mercury goes direct, wait a few days more to gain the clarity and direction you need.

Overall, we are going down into our inner dimensions more now, our deeper soul, our feelings and emotions.  These feelings and emotions can get out of control for some, so be aware.

“See” you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.  Also I just put up a new radio show you can listen to also.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001.  He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.

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