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It is Time and Astrology Forecast May 5-11

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The weekend of May 4-5 brings a mixed bag of energy shifts.

The New Moon in Taurus is at 6:45 PM EDT. Saturday May 4.  An important configuration between Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto is exact on May 5.

Taurus is fixed earth, and as such requires situations to feel solid, comfortable, and secure.  Physical resources like homes, land, money, assets, and a bull (a symbol of the sign Taurus) stock market fit the bill for Taurus.

Taurus also makes manifest what was before just a motivation or desire.

So whatever you have been motivated to do, especially since around the New Moon in Aries on on April 5, you can now attempt to make real.

Mars opposes Jupiter on May 5, and while they do that, they are making aspects to Pluto in Capricorn.

This plays out with Jupiter at 23+ degrees of Sagittarius, Mars at 23+ degrees of Gemini, and Pluto at 23+ of Capricorn.  Mars/jupiter form the most important opposition to one another, as Mars/Pluto form a quincunx (150 degree aspect), while Jupiter/Pluto form a semi-sextile (30 degree aspect).

This is a very volatile combination of planetary energies, and impulsive actions can result from this configuration.  It can be good for being spontaneous, but what is the line between spontaneous and impulsive?

The United States natal Mars is at 21+ degrees of Gemini, and Donald Trump’s Sun is at 22+ degrees of Gemini, and his natal Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is at 21+ degrees of Sagittarius.

As I write this blog, I see North Korea today just tested some weapons, which was apparently against previous agreements; Gaza and Israel just began a new round of violence with one another; and the USA is talking about military action being “on the table” as an option against Venezuela.

So there are multiple dangers for impulsiveness in those issues.

At the least, we are getting clear warning signals from the Universe about dangerous possibilities facing our human family during its transition between an old and new era of our human experience here on Earth.

We, however, need our concentration on our own expansion of consciousness, and the transformation of our beliefs and lives aligned with our best values and with the values of the Age of Aquarius.

The Mars/Jupiter opposition, along with the New Moon in Taurus, can assist us to manifest what we have put off or were not previously ready for.

The Taurus New Moon gives us the desire and ability to start projects that will help us to make real what was previously only a desire or idea.

And the Mars/Jupiter/Pluto formation gives us inspiration, desires to act and expand, and the ability to move through the death and rebirth cycle of transformation.

It is very important, however, to not be impulsive, and to be able to distinguish between spontaneous and impulsive. Spontaneous suggests living in the moment and naturally responding to what is presented to us. Impulsive suggests doing something disconnected from natural alignments and interactions.

Jupiter stays relatively close to opposing the USA natal Mars for most of the next 7 months, so these military adventures will continue to be possible.  Potential breakthroughs from old military aggression patterns are also possible with this planetary movement.

Events, personally and in outer world, may come suddenly the next few days of May 4- May 10. Venus makes exact aspect to Pluto and Jupiter on Thursday the 9th, triggering the formation from this weekend.

And since Venus also squares Saturn on Tuesday May 7, there are relationship issues to go through also.  This can mean relationship challenges, but also new insights and breakthroughs in relationship possible too.

On Monday May 6 Mercury leaves Aries for Taurus, where it will stay until May 21.

Mercury in Taurus is more methodical in one’s thinking than is Mercury in Aries, who is more shoot from the hip. They will both stubbornly stick to their opinion, but Mercury in Aries is more bold and challenging than is Mercury in Taurus, which is more cautious.

Mercury in Taurus thinks things through more, and is more practical.

On May 8, however, Uranus joins Mercury in conjunction in Taurus, so minds may be ready to leave caution to the wind, as one may be awakened to a new way to look at something.

We are now less than 2 months away from Summer Eclipse Season 2019; and we are less than 8 months away from the very important and powerful Eclipse Season of Winter 2020.

So much is wanting to change in the world now, and in our personal lives. Sometimes now it is so difficult to make definite plans or to choose definite direction, as life seems so much up in the air, so to speak, waiting for something to happen.

I feel pretty sure that said event or events will happen in 2019/2020, a time of much turmoil.  Chaos will be in conflict with Order, both vying for dominance.

As new ways of being on this Earth open up more and more, attempts to dominate and control will also get stronger and stronger.

This is the usual battle between progressive and conservative, yet I have never seen the divide so wide. I have never seen each side so clearly divorced from the other side, and so passionately emotional and hateful.

Communists or socialists versus conservatives or fascists was an important pattern in the 20th century, leading in large degree to the world wars and also cold war between USA and the Soviet Union.

Now that is forming again as ultra right nationalists are against a new breed of progressive socialists or globalists. And there is little thread of connection between these oppositions now.

The balance sought is like the yin-yang symbol of opposites held in union with one another.

Yet when big change or leaps of progress or evolution are coming in fast, as they are now, the force of conservative demands for law and order tend to strengthen also.

And through it all, we know we are moving fast now toward alignment with the Age of Aquarius and its new consciousness and paradigm.

The ultra conservative viewpoint wants to dominate and control this movement, and stop it from happening.

A healthy amount of conservatism can slow things down enough to make a more graceful movement forward. The world is not capable of that now, but each of us hopefully is.

Nothing can stop the progress now, but the hatred toward those “on the other side” makes this process more ugly and dangerous.

Some ultra conservative white nationalists who show such hatred toward those who are different make conservative look bad, but all conservatives are not that way.

Ultra left wing liberals who believe that anything goes without any rules or moral values make liberal look bad, but most liberals are not that way.

Yes we are moving into even greater and more powerful transformational change now, and IT IS TIME.

Till next week,


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