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Keeping a Trusting Heart and Astrology Forecast August 9-15

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Summer Eclipse Season 2020 can now be seen as a fading memory in our rear view mirror.

Now events arrive that are a part of the fallout from that Eclipse Season.

Winter Eclipse Season 2020 was exceedingly powerful and eventful in a major way. And most of the events of that Eclipse Season happened as part of its fallout.

Covid was the major event falling out from the Eclipses in December/January. The stock market/economy near collapse also were part of the fallout from that Eclipse Season. But there were planetary events during Winter Eclipse Season 2020 that speak n evemore to the Covid and Economy challenges that are still simmering.

Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn was exact on January 12, and as such represented a major destructive force.

Its primary “purpose” is to destroy the waste material from an old age and paradigm that has not yet been flushed away.

The Covid 19 outbreak (which began in Nov/Dec 2020 in China) was the first domino to fall, and the subsequent fear and panic it evoked brought us the Economic Crisis.

And now as the Eclipse Summer Season has also passed, we are still working out the ramifications of the George Floyd murder and how it brought up the centuries of power abuse against African Americans who were brought to America as slaves.

And of course hovering above all this turmoil is the realization that there is a most important Presidential Election in less then 100 days.

And from a parallel world, there is an Age of Aquarius bursting at the seams of its temporary layers of protection, as the new Love and Truth, Diversity withing Unity consciousness is in the process of being birthed.

For this current week we enter the downward pull of the 4th quarter, from the lunar cycle that began at the Cancer New Moon on July 20.

The 4th quarter begins this Monday August 26 with Moon in Taurus squaring the Sun in Leo.

The Sun in its favorite sign of Leo is ready to open up its positive beams of creative lightwork, but the Moon in Taurus instinctively knows it must hold back just awhile longer.

Since the Cancer New Moon, people have been needing to feel safe and nurtured, and Covid’s limits on our activities have aided any needs for comfort and privacy.

But next week on August 18 the Leo New Moon starts up a lunar cycle dedicated to hopeful rays of Tomorrow.

New World consciousness is finding its way into our hearts, souls and lives. I am able to “see” and feel its presence in my mind, heart, soul and body; yet I also am aware of the dark old world imploding on itself, and showing its limitations.

Of course the biggest limitation is the fact that everything and everyone seems alone and disconnected from everyone and everything except for the addiction to devices and social media.

America is obviously fracturing apart, and in that process our people find enemies and conspiracies all around, most especially in its fellow citizens.

This week Joe Biden will likely find a vice presidential running mate. And if so, next week I will give prediction of who will win the Presidential Election.

Yes this week we wind down while waiting for the vital New Moon in Leo of August 18.

The winding down for this week gets shocks mid to late week from two planetary events: Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn on Wednesday/Thursday August 12/13. The on Saturday the 15th “outside the box” Uranus fills our energy fields as it shifts from Direct to Retrograde.

Mars square Pluto should bring world event(s) that are directly related to what happened during the last two Eclipse Seasons, plus perhaps more than that.

And as turmoil increases from the dying old paradigm, watch and feel the signs, symbols, and synchronicities rising from the Universe’s revealing of what is growing from our parallel New Age world.

You will know the New Age consciousness as it shows up through a presentation of connections, magic and meaning. Look and expect the connections and meaning. Look for people who know the world is in trouble and want to help building something new.

If fear and/or hatred has your heart and mind closed, you will be blind to the Age of Aquarius consciousness.

Do not expect the connections to be just as you want them; instead look beyond your closed agenda, and with open mind and heart see the magic. Innocence shows us magic in our child eyes. It is always around, outside the boxes of linear dead-end thinking that can lead to cynicism .

Truth is there to be seen at the right time and place. Believe in Love. Believe in Truth, which can truly set you free.

Let go the past, do not hang onto it like a security blanket. You can handle the truth, do not be afraid of love.

Resist believing all you see on TV, internet, etc. Resist automatically believing in a conspiracy theory of one sort or another.

Write to me what it is you believe now. Put it in Comments for this blog or write to me at

This week when Mars squares Pluto and Uranus energy tugs at our consciousness, transformation comes more alive.

Chaos gets stronger as people cannot stand the limitations anymore as they seek to break down that which represents the world they know as corrupt and unfair. Chaos at its worst becomes anarchy.

Then Order is ordered to dominate and control, as it does in fascism. Get used to that battle of chaos and order as it intensifies moving toward the election.

Let go of what is ready to go. Mars square Pluto is such a powerful combination to force our hand and motivate us to get out of our overly protective safe guards.

This Mars/Pluto square triggers the Saturn/Pluto conjunction from January, which opened up the powerful events that have defined 2020.

Uranus is strong in our energy field this week and also helps us to break away from what holds us back. Your mind and spirit can be free, even in a world of dominance and control. Think for yourself, trust your instincts, follow your heart.

Now more than ever it is so important to not drink the Kool Aid of culture and family. But it is also very important not to drink the Kool Aid of conspiracy theories that you have not researched. Remember it is a human weakness to believe what we want to believe, not necessarily what is true.

Till next week,


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