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Light in the Darkness and Astrology Forecast December 20-26

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week’s highlight is Winter Solstice with Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius on the same day.

Winter Solstice happens Monday December 21 at 5:02 AM EST. Winter Solstice means that the Sun goes into Capricorn at that time. And this year the Solstice is even more important than usual, as Jupiter makes conjunction with Saturn on the same day at 1:21 PM EST.

Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year. but it also represents a time when the light begins to get stronger every day until Summer Solstice when at its zenith it then begins to make way to a growing darkness.

And this year at the Winter Solstice, that sign of hope from growing light comes in the form of a Jupiter conjunction with Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.

This Jupiter/Saturn conjunction begins a 20 year cycle between them. The last Jupiter/Saturn conjunction happened in Taurus on May 28 2000. It made the way, so to speak, for the Taurus President Bush-only months away from being elected president.

Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions begin these cycles that are about shifting cultural and national emphases.

Less than a year after Bush was elected, the Twin Towers were attacked and collapsed killing almost 3000 people. The next 20 years brought the theme of getting back at terrorists, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and against ISIS.

Now, as we change presidential administrations, many feel hope we have turned a corner into times of greater emphasis on our better American Aquarian Angels: Equality; Diversity within Unity; Rule by the people; Liberation.

And the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius carries such promise.

The USA has its Moon in Aquarius, which means its inner values are Aquarian. So those traits of equality, diversity within unity, etc are seen in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Winter Solstice also means that the Sun is in Capricorn for the next month. Capricorn is a very sobering energy for Sagittarius, which has held the Sun for the last month.

Sun in Capricorn brings with it a more serious attitude, greater sense of obligation or responsibility. It also signifies a time to concentrate on accomplishments, organizing, more self discipline, and goal setting.

Our New Year’s resolutions are very Capricornian.

On Wednesday the 23rd, just after the Solstice and before Christmas, Mars in Aries makes an exact square to Pluto in Capricorn.

So this is the god of the underworld (Pluto) in conflict with the god of war (Mars). So be careful this week to not let disagreements get out of hand.

You can use this aspect to empower yourself, just be careful.

Out in the world, there is the possibility of greater human conflict or natural disaster this week, especially mid week.

The Trumpsters are angry at what they perceive as a stolen election. Violence has been suggested more than once. Culture War is real and carries with it some of the residue of the Civil War in America from 1861-1865.

I believe President-elect Biden may be in danger over the next few months.

January looks especially intense with what may be considered fated events, as there are many aspects with the USA lunar nodes then. And of course the transition of USA Presidents happens in January.

We can all use some time off that holiday seasons promise. Hopefully we will get just that.

I know it is sad for so many now to have to “celebrate” the holiday season without close family and friends this year.

Talk with you next week,


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