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Meaning and Purpose and Astrology Forecast September 19-25

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Shifting tides now: Full Moon in Pisces on Monday September 20; Autumn Equinox on Wednesday September 22; Mercury Retrograde September 27.

Inner Reflection, Inner Journeys, Inner Values, Social Consciousness, and Healing will be leading our way more and more this year.

On Monday September 20 at 7:55 PM EDT there is a Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces. Full Moons happen when the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite one another.

In this case the Sun at 28+ degrees of Virgo will be opposed by the Moon at 28+ degrees of Pisces. Neptune at 21+degrees of Pisces will be widely conjunct the Moon and opposite the Sun, so the Pisces energy will “outweigh” the Virgo energies.

Sun in Virgo brings more influence toward the body and the physical side of life. It is primed to look for “what’s wrong with this picture”, to find flaws, mistakes, inconsistencies.

Virgo seeks purity, perfection, order. That is why it is primed to see what is wrong. Fixing what is wrong brings one closer to that perfection. As a result Virgo can be very critical and judgmental, and perfectionistic. Can you see how that can lead to being obsessive in its seeking of such perfection.

Pisces is a master of “going with the flow” It is not usually very connected to the body and physical. It is connected with the unseen parts of life, to the soul, to feelings, to pure consciousness. It feels more comfortable in inner dimensions. It can be extremely empathetic, and even compassionate. It can be rather selfless and sacrificial. It tends to see the best in people, to be idealistic. At its worst it is passive or identifies with being a victim.

The Virgo/Pisces Full Moon usually feels very gentle. It is not an energy for pushing hard and being forceful. It can take us into wanting to be of service, to being more humble and unassuming, There may be a strong pull into depression for some. Use that Pisces energy to finding deeper connections. With strong Pisces/Neptune energy, go into deeper meditation or start using regular small doses of “magic mushrooms” or other such remedies, in order to transform your consciousness.

Autumn Equinox is on Wednesday the 22nd at 3:21 PM EDT . It is the moment of equality between Dark and Light minutes of the day. From that day forward until Winter Solstice, dark minutes keep growing.

Often times that means people get more inner directed, more socially conscious, more aware of others and their needs.

As such Libra is the perfect sign to represent those tendencies, and so the Sun in Libra begins each year at this time of Autumn Equinox

Libra is relationship oriented, listens, cares about the other person, about social norms. It also cares about equality and justice, balance, and harmony. It likes prettiness, beauty, and everything peaceful.

Downside can be avoidance of conflict, giving self and its needs away. It also can be overly accomodating of others.

But Autumn Equinox signifies a moving beyond self and its success, and instead moving more toward a sense of “other”, of society, of culture, of understanding, of night approaching in our souls.

The shifting tides this week bring feelings of acceptance of what is happening, but with a sense of needing time to escape or avoid harsh realities.

This Covid dance has some people continually scared and giving their power away to the pandemic; and others trying to believe everything is not real, a conspiracy to control all our lives.

In the meantime we can all feel everything is so different now and there is no going back to “normal”. It is hard for many to find a direction, to know what they want, to know where they are going.

And now with the Autumn Equinox and Virgo/Pisces Full Moon, it is not as easy to give it all the middle finger of defiance. We need more than ever to find meaning to our lives, to find purpose.

Finding meaning and purpose now is much better on a deeper level than escapism. Why are you here right now, on this Earth doing whatever you are doing?

You will get another assist to get more reflective and inner directed when Mercury goes Retrograde on Sunday September 26.

We will talk about next week,


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