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Money and Flu, Chaos and Order

So many are in panic now about security.  First we hear our economy is the worst it has been since the Great Depression.  Now we hear we are on the verge of a world wide health pandemic flu.  What can shake us up more than fears about health and money?

“They” tell us this recession is the worst since the Great Depression? People were jumping out of high rise building windows, to their death, because of how it bad it was for some back in that day.  Is that the kind of fear we want to buy into.

And with the “swine flu” our leaders have been in panic mode about its potential.   They are acting as if we are in danger of The Great Plague.  Do we all want to wear little masks and wash our hands constantly to keep these demons away?

There is no reason to panic, but there is a reason to pay attention to what is happening.  There are signs and messages to observe,  beyond the fear and fuss.

I most of all notice from all this the fact that we are all so connected now all over the world.    Transportation and commerce connections make us all susceptible when someone gets something contagious anywhere in the world.   Commerce connections make us all vulnerable to the same economic downturn.    And communication networks, like phone and internet and TV, bring  the information and help spread the news and all too often the fear to us all.

The 20th century was the beginning of the cusp between ages.  The Aquarian Age, like the sign Aquarius, is about networks of connection that bring all individual entities together into one greater community.

Now we must learn how to get along together.  We are being forced by events and inexorable movement to a New Age to do so. But how?

We do not naturally trust those who seem to be radically different from us.  We even tend to turn them into enemies.  At that point the connection leaves, or at least any fruitful connection leaves.

And yet we need one another in order to put the world together into a meaningful, sacred, caring, just world.

We do not seem to remember that no matter what the differences we are the same species, we are human beings who have the same needs of safety, security, love, food, community, pride, dignity, truth.  We all laugh, cry, love, hate, feel pain, go to the bathroom, are born and will someday die.  And of course we have in common, only our human brothers and sisters, no other creatures, the conscious awareness that we will one day die. This common knowledge binds our souls deeply together.

I don’t believe we will all meditate or chant ourselves into loving our human brothers and sisters. I believe we will need extraordinary events to force us into deeper knowing of our intrinsic connections and Oneness.

We will need to see that rich or poor, Chinese or American, Muslim or Jew, we are One family all equal with one another in worth.

Perhaps it will take the worst, a world wide disaster to bring us all together.

But perhaps something magical, wondrous, and awesome will bring us together, like a worldwide Visitation from beings from somewhere else in our Universe.

In the meantime don’t buy into all the fuss and fear.  That attitude comes from people who do not view our human journey as meaningful and sacred, and instead see it governed by random chance, dog eat dog survival and material reality only.

Saturn opposite Uranus

An important aspect, Saturn opposite Uranus, which is the midpoint of their cycle together, occurs this year and next.  Their current cycle began when they were in conjunction with one another in 1986-1989.

Saturn is a planet of gravity that holds fast whatever it grabs.  It represents structure, rules, boundaries, discipline, organization and obligations.

Uranus breaks open whatever it touches. It represents freedom, liberation, breakthroughs, awakenings, revolution, anarchy, and “outside the box” thinking and action.

As they oppose each other, the archetype of order (Saturn) comes up against the archetype of chaos (Uranus).

In the late ’80s the Soviet Union broke up during the years that Saturn was in conjunction with Uranus.

We each will be challenged to handle order versus chaos in our own lives.  How much do we hold on tight to our sense of security and how much do we let go to new possibilities?

Do we stay in our old house or relationship or job or old thinking and beliefs which give us a feeling of stability and security?   Or do we break out into less secure but more liberating and potentially magical possibilities?

We will talk more about this aspect as the year progresses.  Watch chaos and order themes play out also in world events.  And watch peoples fight to leave oppression and control by leaders and governments.  The overall movement world wide is power to the people for the future of human kind.

Astrology Report week of May 2- May 9

This week May 2-9 starts out slow and “normal”, but changes mid week as Mercury goes retrograde and late week when there is a Full Moon.

Venus and Mars are in Aries all week, and independence will generally be more important than “connecting” at emotionally intimate levels.

The Sun is in Taurus, and it is natural at this time of year to concentrate on the “body” of things, the physical realities and pleasures of life.

Jupiter is in Aquarius all year, where it will assist us all in our desires to make community and follow our higher principles for living with others.  By the end of May it will conjunct with Neptune in Aquarius, where together they will tend to inspire people to their more idealistic dreams.

Early in the week Mercury slows down, and then turns from direct to retrograde at 1 AM on Thursday the 7th of May.   All day Wednesday the 6th you can know that Mercury is changing directions because things may seem out of whack.  This can happen by communication and thinking miscues and confusion, through delays in gaining clarity and information, or through other unpredictable events or thought processes.  To give you an idea of what it can be like when Mercury is changing directions:  In 2000 when the election for President was between Bush and Gore, there was much confusion that night, as Mercury was changing directions, over who would win. it went back and forth all night.

Slowly over the next few weeks, until May 30, when Mercury goes back direct, our perceptions will change.   During this time, allow your mind to get more reflective and imaginative and less logical.  Allow your mind to open to possibilities and away from strict paradigms or agendas.  It is best to think twice before making any big decisions or signing any important contracts.  Often times those decisions and contracts turn out not being what we had anticipated.

On Saturday May 9 at 12:01 AM EDT there is a Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio. The effects of a Full Moon are about two days before the actual lunation, the day of the Full Moon, and two days after.  There is the feeling of coming to climax as the moon waxes before the full moon, and then relaxation afterward as the moon begins its waning phase, which lasts until the next New Moon.

This full moon in Taurus/Scorpio can be quite intense at times and power struggles can be experienced.  But the gist of the energies is about Taurus and its ability to be a “rock” of stability, and Scorpio’s ability to bring emotional intensity and passion to a situation.  Keep it calm or get down into the storm of emotions: That is the question.

This could be a week of shifting tides and confusing changes.  All will be fine if you are flexible and open minded and stay aware and conscious.

Last week’s forecast let you know that between Saturday and Monday there would be “potentially powerful events”.  This actualized when we learned about the “swine” flu during that time.

You can peruse more writings or contact me for a reading at

“See” you next week


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