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Moving Through the Fog and Astrology Forecast May 31- June 6

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

During this Mercury Retrograde time period, which will last until June 11,  there has been the usual mental mistakes, spacing out mentally, memories of the past, electronic glitches, and general mental confusion.  And I know many I talk with can’t wait for Mercury to go back Direct.

Sometimes Mercury Retrograde feels like a trip to the Twilight Zone, the old TV show.   And this time many are having eerie feelings at times.

What is happening? It seems there is a big letting go happening, a letting go of the past.   There is a feeling that great changes are on the way, changes that will shake up our world and push us fast forward into new lives.

Have you been feeling that way too?   Maybe this feeling is just Mercury being its trickster self, and after it goes back Direct again this foreboding sense will go away.

But yet I do know that big change is on the way to our world, change that may bring chaos on the one hand- yet hope for a better day on the other hand.

As you release that which has had its day already from your psyche and life, you opening the door to more healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ways for your life.

That which has lost its lustre in your heart will have a difficult time staying with you now. If it is a person who is leaving or has left your heart or life, there will be grief and sadness.

But before too long there will also be a feeling of heart opening for more love in your life and what is better than love?  Some would choose security and contentment over love.  Would you?

And being in love is not only for a person, but can be for a place or nature or career calling, etc.

I believe the biggest reason for depression is because love is lacking in one’s life.  And often love is lacking because one has been burned badly by love: abandoned, betrayed, or rejected. And that has caused one to close one’s heart and to stop trusting in love.

Now as life is on the verge of great transformative change, we will be tested to open our hearts more to love even if it means we will lose some convenience or comfort.

This coming week, as Mercury goes into its last full week of being Retrograde, energies will rise as we move through a Full Moon.

The exact Full Moon will be on Tuesday June 2 at 12:19 PM EDT.  This full moon will be in Sagittarius, which means the Sun will be in Gemini opposing the Moon in Sagittarius.  As the Sun sets the Moon will be rising.

This Sagittarius Full Moon is usually quite lively, especially for conversation.    Taking in and delivering information (Gemini) is balanced by needs to sort through and find solution or judgment or meaning (Sagittarius) to all that information.

Keep in mind that Mercury Retrograde may make that process more fuzzy and may bring results that can change after Mercury goes back Direct again.

Also on Tuesday June 2nd Mars in Gemini makes a minor but still potentially powerful aspect with Pluto in Capricorn.  That will trigger the Uranus/Pluto square again, and promises potent events swirling around the days before, during and after the Full Moon this week.

Be careful not to act too quickly on what comes up for you this week.  Do no leap before you look closely.  And it is recommended that you wait until after Mercury goes back Direct on June 11 before you make any major decisions or changes in your life direction.  And in fact it would be best if possible to wait a few days to a week before big moves, as total clarity may wait that long to appear.

Sun square Neptune on Sunday the 31st may be adding to the confusion also this week, as Neptune can take us into foggy waters of soul.

Of course you can trust your heart now, but the heart’s advisor is the head; and it is in Mercury trickster time now.  Of course you know head and heart agreeing finds the ultimate truth, not either one alone.  But sometimes there needs to be a choice as they cannot agree.

But now with Mercury Retrograde it is best to wait for the Mind to come back into Direct atttunement, so you can do your heart/head balancing act in the most healthy manner possible.

The next major thrust forward will be on June 16 at the New Moon in Gemini.  All systems will be ready to go shortly after that.

Then Summer Solstice on June 21 is a good marking point for our life changing seasons in more ways than just nature.

Bigger world events will erupt this summer.

Iran and world powers are supposed to finalize their nuclear agreement on June 30.  As we suspected, the sense of surety that it was a done deal was reversed during Mercury Retrograde and now serious doubts are in play.

The Islamic State made serious gains in Iraq and Syria this passing spring, and the Middle East is on the verge of major chaos and conflict.

China is sabre rattling with the USA over islands near China’s border, and Russia is falling further and further away from the western world.  In fact Russia and China have made pacts recently for more unity between them.

There is a Jade Helm military exercise scheduled for June 15- July 15 in the southwest states of the USA. This extensive military exercise does not have a truly transparent purpose.  Is it for domestic purposes to put down domestic “terrorism” or race riots? Or is it training for possible foreign conflicts?

And the world economy is teetering more in its voyage to powerful transformation.  Watch closely what happens in Greece and at the efforts to shift the world currency away from the USA dollar.  The stock market is poised for a major downfall before too long..

And strong earthquakes and other powerful eruptions in nature are very likely this late spring and summer.

The energies and light from the Age of Aquarius are bursting at the seams of the old world’s walls of control.   If you go inside your deeper psyche you will be able to contact these new energies. Watch your dreams and your waking recognition of the Universe’s messages through signs and symbols, and through synchronicity.

The changes in your energy field and life are meant to help your heart, soul, and mind to be open and alive. They are meant to help you clear blocks in your body and chakra system that are ready to be released.

The Age of Aquarius contains new energy systems, new belief systems, new structures, new consciousness, and new lifestyles. Many are already apparent and many of you have already been awakened to some degree or another.

But more openings are still on the way so we can evolve in alignment with our new world.

till next week,


I have created a new YouTube presentation for the Spring Portal.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info..

Please feel free to find my services on my website  You can sign up for our newsletter there.

Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

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