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New Energies and Shifting Perceptions and Astrology Forecast January 18-24

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

There is an energetic shift this week as we transition into a new lunar cycle at the New Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday January 20.  More shifting winds blow in as Mercury stops going direct and turns Retrograde on Wednesday January 21.

The days leading up to the New Moon on Tuesday January 20 will show a Moon getting darker every day.

As we experience this Dark Moon period prior to the actual New Moon, our inner world becomes more fertile ground for contacting the void in our meditations.   That calm connected spot in consciousness is where our soul meets the Universe.

Then on Tuesday January 20 at 8:14 AM EST there is a shift toward light and energy coming back at the New Moon in Aquarius.  But for awhile still, for a night or sometimes two, the Moon will still be dark.

During that time our meditations can be more intentional, using affirmations or visualizations in order to co-create with the Universe for our personal lives.

Then after the lighted sliver appears, the New Moon cycle begins and it is a good time to move forward into New Beginnings.

The most aligned kind of new beginnings after the New Moon in Aquarius would have themes of group participation; social consciousness; sensing greater diversity and equality; acknowledging your uniqueness or even “weirdness”; and finding a greater connection to thinking in inventive ways.

But of course there will be energy for any kind of new beginning at the New Moon.

Then we get “thrown a curve ball” from the planets as Mercury goes Retrograde on January 21.

So as you are moving forward with renewed energy, the greater Mind of the Universe, represented by Mercury, is beginning to shift its viewpoint.  And for us that means our perceptions are beginning to shift.

Sometimes that starts out very subtly and picks up more static later. Sometimes on the shifting day itself, things already seem out of sorts.

Either way, the mind, especially the left brain half of the mind, is beginning to function in differently.

So as a result, actual events or maybe mind-fucks show us the linear logical way of thinking is just out of reach sometimes.

Best not to try to over analyze during Mercury Retrograde or to need to “figure it all out” obsessively.   It is better to let life unfold, to entertain more circular thinking, more creative, intuitive and inventive thinking.

As our mental frequencies are shifting, it is not usually recommended to make really important decisions or to sign long term contracts.  You may think all is normal but it is not.  Many bad decisions are made during Mercury Retrograde.

This does not mean you should approach this time period superstitiously.  If there are decisions to be made that have happened organically and can not truly be put off, then realize it is meant to happen this way and must be right.

Mercury will be Retrograde from January 21 at 10:54 AM EST until February 11 at 9:57 AM EST. That is almost exactly 3 weeks long.

Often during Mercury Retrograde we are taken back to the past in some way- memories, dreams or people from the past coming back.  Of maybe we start thinking like we used to do or have old issues come back to haunt us.

That is one reason why it is not advised to make decisions during Mercury Retrograde. It is because we are needing to process something from the past which would interfere with clear thinking about our current life.

Perhaps we need to further release someone or something; perhaps we need to reintegrate something we discarded in the past.

Whatever the reason, it is usually best to wait until after Mercury goes back Direct again to find  more clarity and direction. And sometimes it may take several more days, when Mercury gets back up to speed, before we find total clarity and direction.

So as you begin to move forward this week with new ideas and inspirations, please keep in mind that Mercury may play some tricks on you.

That does mean you necessarily need to abort your new plans, but it may mean you need to rethink or to modify the new plan.

And also there is a possibility you were off course entirely, but if that is so please wait until Mercury goes Direct before you jump ship.  At some point soon after Mercury goes back direct you will know what is real and true for you.

Remember that we have a most intense time period coming up March-May with ramifications from that time period lasting for several months beyond.

In the greater world we can expect more big events that change our world like we had last year and early this year.

There is a growing conflict between socio-religious cultures.  There is a much weakened economy on our collective horizon.

We are not going back to “normal”.   There is a “new normal” developing, one of transition between ages.

The Age of Aquarius is becoming stronger and stronger in our collective consciousness.  Fence sitting between the Ages no longer works.

And after March-May 2015 there will no fence to sit on.   There is a large portal opening then for entrance into the Age of Aquarius.

But keep in mind that the knee-jerk reaction to this transformational change will be strong also. Police and Military are getting stronger as a result.  Laws and rules will be twisted to fit the needs to keep intact an old world’s structure and paradigm.

I found it interesting this past week to see France’s reaction to the killing at Charlie Hebdo.

While on the one hand there was a huge rally to ostensibly celebrate free speech- on the other hand France arrested a local comedian named Dieudonne because he kept saying “Je suis Charlie Coulibaly”.  Which is not only saying “I am Charlie” which is identifying with the people who died for free speech at Charlie Hebdo, but also identifying with the killer.

He was arrested for an expression of free speech!! He could face 7 years in prison!

Keep your sanity during this trying time.  More fully release the programming of society and family so you can more completely think and feel for your self.

Being in your truth is a most important piece of the foundation for what we are building in the New World.

Sure you may sometimes want to keep your viewpoint to your self for the purpose of self protection or peace.   Just make sure you do not fool yourself too.

As energies shift this week, you will likely feel more awake as a result.   Soon enough here in the Northern Hemisphere we will be halfway out of the winter. That will be on February 2 at Imbolc, which in modern pop culture is called Groundhog Day.

Then we are halfway to Spring 2015, a most important season on the journey to the Age of Aquarius.

Till next week,


You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info..

Please feel free to find my services on my website  You can sign up for our newsletter there.

Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 29 years

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