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Obama, Catalyst for an Aquarian Age; and Astrology Forecast for June 7-13

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are accelerating toward a most remarkable summer.  There will be 3 eclipses in a row, a rarity.  Intensity will begin to build in late June or early July.   Eclipses bring breakdowns of what needs to be let go, and breakthroughs into new beginnings.  Overall they bring shakeup, which breeds fertile ground for change. We will be discussing them more as we get closer to the dates of those eclipses.

All of us have beeen experiencing the great change that has happened the last couple of years.   Change will continue to intensify into 2012’s Mayan New World and into 2020, the beginning of an Aquarian Age.  The election of Obama and the economic Depression have brought us into a new season in America and the world. There is much more to come.

The Depression is the beginning of the world’s transformation of its economic system.   Unbridled and greedy capitalism do not work for the majority of people on Earth.  The wide disparity between rich and poor is sad, unjust, and on a practical level causes crime, disease, starvation, and a host of social evils.   I predicted in 2007 that we would face great economic downturn, which would completely revamp our economic institutions.  Already look at the banks that have closed, the housing market transforming at its roots, the fall of our American auto industry, the government ownership of previously private enterprise.

What kind of economic system we end up with no one knows for sure, but we will not go back to how it was!

Obama has brought much hope to many all over the world, but what he really represents is massive transformation of our world on the way to a New Age.

I predicted in 2007 that Obama and McCain would be the nominees of their parties and that Obama would win.  I knew because I saw the astrological changes in America that were reflected astrologically by changes to the chart of Obama.

He is the perfect person to bring in the Aquarian Age.   He is moving us to greater equality with other peoples all over the world.  His name and appearance alone can be related to in many parts of the world, where previous presidents could not relate that way.  He is helping us to grow down out of a sense of superiority and into relationship with other peoples and countries.

But remember he is merely a bridge between ages, not a savior or a perfect person.  And so we cannot expect duirng his presidency for everything to be perfect and for the new age to happen all smoothly.  Obama is at the head of an American military and industrial complex empire that leads him more than he leads it.

He is guardian of that empire, and even if he indeed is a greatly evolved being, he will only be able to bring us so far forward.

So expect a major confrontation with Iran over the next 9 months or so, lead by an attack by Israel on Iran.    Look for great and dangerous changes to happen in Pakistan/Afghanistan which will endanger western civilization.  Look for power increases in North Korea, which coupled with the previous changes in Iran and Pakistan, show an enormous shift in power of the world.

These changes, though dangerous to our well being, inaugurate the Aquarian Age, which is an age of Equality, which means a multi-polar world of power sharing.

And what does a transforming world mean to us on a personal level?  To be truly connected to the Aquarian Age, we each need to leave the programming of our families and society, so we can be true to our individual God(s)-given self.     So many have lost their free minds and souls and operate as robots to what they have been taught.

You will not be able to navigate these great changes unless you turn from without, to within your Self.  Know your Self.  Trust your Self.  Believe in your Self.    Know you have an individual destiny to fulfill if you leave the confines of family and society rules and open to the Universe’s messages, signs, and synchronicties.

You are not merely clay for family and society to mold, added to your genetic structure.  You are a developed soul with a destiny to fulfill from the moment you are born.  When you work with astrology charts you learn this to be true.

All the circumstances you have faced, good and bad, are stepping stones toward  your self actualization, which is an essential need of your destiny.   A person whose mind and life have been controlled by forces outside its Self has no destiny, only mediocrity.

Only by breaking the chains can you be liberated to be your true Self, and hence enter the Aquarian Age and its personal destiny for you.

Trust the tides of change to bring you to greater health and satisfaction as you break old patterns that hold you back.

And stay as flexible as possible for the coming summer of change.

Astrology Forecast for June 7-13

The week begins with a Full Moon on Sunday June 7 at 2:12 PM EDT.    It is a Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon, and those who are Gemini’s and Sagittarians will feel the energies the most.    The other two mutable signs, Virgo and Pisces, will also be more open to this lunation.   Your mind will want to be chatter, you may want to chatter wit others also.  Gemini is primed for thinking and communicating and loves to talk.  Sagittarius takes the many questions from a curious Gemini and seeks to find answers to them.  Sagittarius likes to come to judgment about issues, not endless possiblities. Together these two signs in a Full Moon would normally bring a day of much high energy and inspiration, as well as hightened social interaction.  But Saturn in Virgo squares this Full Moon, so a damper of seriousness may be added.

Full moons are experienced for 3 days at least and you will be in the aura of the Sagittarian Moon until late Monday when the Moon goes into Capricorn, where it stays until Thursday.   Tuesday and Wednesday will be get down to business days, when organization and discipline pay off well.

Thursday the Moon goes into Aquarius and it is time to network with friends, build community, work for a cause you believe in, and stay true to your individuality no matter how weird you may seem to yourself.  Thursday evening, as the Moon squares Mars, anger can be felt and expressed. Be careful not to engage others who are on edge emotionally.

Friday and Saturday the Moon is still in Aquarius, the ruling sign of the internet.  So feed your internet addiction,as it is more natural now.

This week will be overall fairly mild and uneventful, but remenber that soon the 3 eclipses begin. In fact the next Full Moon will be the first of the 3 eclipses on July 7 in Cancer/Capricorn.  Stay tuned.  New post and forecast every Sunday.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please feel free to visit my website to find more articles and to view our website Spiritual Renaissance also.

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