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Opening Up for Change and Astrology Forecast June 25- July 1.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are in the last few weeks before Eclipse Season begins at the New Moon in Leo on July 23.

The first eclipse will not be until the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius on August 7,  but the Leo New Moon in late July will show us the first winds blowing in for the stormy Eclipse Season.

In fact the Leo New Moon in late July will be the first of two Leo New Moons in a row, a relatively rare occurence.

The first Leo New Moon on July 23 is at 1 degree of Leo.  The second Leo New Moon on August 21 is at 29 degrees of Leo.

But more importantly that second Leo New Moon on August 21 will also be a Total Solar Eclipse in Leo.  That Total Solar Eclipse New Moon will be travelling and seen across the USA on a diagonal line from Oregon to South Carolina.

It will be the first Total Solar Eclipse to travel across the USA since June 8 1918. It was then in Gemini.

World War I and the Russian Revolution were in full force then, though the World War would end in November that year.

On the actual date of June 8, 1918 at the Total Solar Eclipse in Gemini, Nova Aquila was discovered. A Nova is a sudden eruption of a bright new star.  This was the brightest nova since 1604 when Kepler’s Nova erupted.

Interestingly this nova became a rare “recurrent nova” as it erupted again in 1941 and 2000.  

1941 was the beginning of World War II for the USA.  2000 was the year George Bush was elected president.  George Bush was president for the 9-11 Twin Towers terrorist attack in 2001 and the beginning of the War in Iraq in 2003, both monumental events.

Most novas occur at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy in late Sagittarius.   Saturn will be at the center of the Galaxy in November of this year.

Yet it is not likely, though it could happen, that a major event will happen exactly on August 21 at the Total Solar Eclipse.

More likely is that August will be a turning point for our world in many ways, and major events could occur in July, August, September, or even beyond that are related to the Total Solar Eclipse.

Stay alert for the signs that will show us what the major turning point will be about- in the world and in our personal lives.

This Total Solar Eclipse very closely aspects USA natal chart (its Moon in Aquarius); Donald Trump’s chart (his Mars and Ascendant); and also the natal charts of Syria and North Korea.  We will talk more about all of this as we get closer to the actual Eclipse event.

This turning point should show us the likelihood of a major war, or instead the diffusing of intensity toward a major war.  It may also show us the direction of our American and world stock markets and economy.

In personal lives, the New Chapter of your life will get a clearing of what is blocking its way,  and a clearer direction of where you are going.

So now we are just beginning the Cancer lunar cycle, which began at the Cancer New Moon on Friday June 23.  This lunar cycle ends on July 23 at the Leo New Moon, which will open up the Eclipse Season.

There will be increasing intensity after that, with a concentration of intensity on August 7 at the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius, then again at the aforementioned Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21.

This week we continue with a growing or waxing Moon, one that will reach fullness on July 8/9 at a Capricorn Full Moon.

Planetarily speaking this week is a mild week, though your transformational journey could still bring you challenges.

That is because we are all being prompted to keep releasing old tapes, old patterns, and old programming that have kept us stuck.   That process will increase exponentially during Eclipse Season, but transformation is accelerating all year long.

As we release these old ways, we open ourselves to brighter light and more loving people and situations.

Of course releasing old ways can also mean leaving jobs or relationships or places we live;  but no matter what,  we need to release that which clogs our consciousness and chakras and stops energy from freely moving through our bodies, minds, and souls.

You will know when it is time to release.   You will know in your body and soul.  You will know by the fact that the same situations keep coming up over and over again.

You will know by seeing old relationship patterns keep recycling in your life.  You will know by seeing you are bored or frustrated with living an inauthentic life or by waiting so long to make change.

We cannot stop the movement of change and transformation in our lives now, yet we are the co-creators of how that change will manifest.

If you see what is happening in your life as meaningful, and not a victimization; then you will have the positive energy and will to transform old unhealthy patterns into new thoughts and ways that will bring better energies, people and situations into your life, and help you to lead a more authentic, satisfying and fulfilled life.

Till next week,


We will do a video in July for the important August Total Solar Eclipse.  We will have a new website for you to view in July also.

There is a video now of my recent talk at the Enlightenment Expo that my friend Jonne Trees has recorded:

The subject is about navigating the planetary changes this year.

Please take a look at the video David Lonebear Sanipass and I created recently-

If you need any help with your relationship now, I have done couples’ counseling for many years. Do you need to identify and work out old patterns? Do you need to decide whether to stay or go?  I use the astrological model to help in the counseling process. We can use Skype if outside New England. Write me at if interested.

Please check out my forecast for 2017-

And if you would like your own personal forecast for 2017, please contact me at

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