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Order/Chaos and Astrology Forecast February 14-20

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Energy tides shift this week with an important Saturn square Uranus meeting, as well as the important Mercury Retrograde coming to an end.

Many people have been on edge for a number of months now. Eclipse Season 2020 brought us a Presidential Election won by Joe Biden, but heavily contested by Trump forces. Another Impeachment Trial resulted from the dangerous January 6 attempted overthrow of the Capital Building and its Congressional members, including Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Pence whose lives were threatened.

I am not sure everyone has taken in the gravity of that attempted Coup? And there was obvious encouragement for that endeavor from Trump.

The USA is in deep trouble now with the Covid, the Culture War, the economy, and more to come.

The good news is that direction changed for the positive as there was a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on Winter Solstice 2020, an obvious symbol from the Universe letting us know there is light at the end of dark tunnel: Age of Aquarius light. That light may be dim for now, but the Presidential Election at least showed us the light of decency was beginning to shine.

Joe Biden is no savior, instead he is a “card carrying” member of the Establishment Empire. Much more transformation must occur for the USA and world to be on solid revolutionary and evolutionary ground.

Many more events will shake up the status quo, yet these events will also be opening the doors and windows to New Consciousness.

Take a look around. Our young people often resemble the young people from the ’60s and ’70s. They see clearly the serious challenges of Climate; of weapons of mass destruction; of Corporate dominance of the world; of a still alive dog-eat-dog every man for himself life paradigm. Lies, distortions, illusions mock the Truth. Negotiated relationships mock heart connected real Love.

We can delay no longer in making Truth and Love the natural healers that they are, and as pillars of the Age of Aquarius.

This week Mercury is slowing down in its Retrograde motion, as it stops into its Stationary position on February 20. That day at 7:52 PM EST it begins to go back Direct.

Slowly but surely our mental skies begin to clarify, communication gets more graceful, mental confidence improves.

Especially from the 19th to the 21st, still stay away from big decisions and starting important projects. If able continue waiting until at least February 27 before making big decisions. Sometimes life does not cooperate and we need to make big decisions anyway. If so it is meant to be that way.

Just now given word that Trump was found not guilty. This is a sad day in America, as Truth and Justice were not served. I felt the same way in late 1999 when Clinton was found not guilty in his Impeachment Trial

But this is much more serious as our Congressional leaders’ lives were threatened.

Do remember that an old world and its paradigm are dying, and an Age of Aquarius being born. Go inside and surrender to this process for the world and your personal life. An Age of over 2000 years is dying! Lower, more dense and fear-based energetic values have too much power in the old world.

Transform those into higher less dense energies that are more conducive for our Higher Selves carrying Love and Truth. Trust that process. Keep in touch with your inner values. They ultimately determine what our outer world will be and become. No matter what happens if we keep our better values in the lead, we will be OK. Unbridled Fear and Hate are very destructive. Revenge is very destructive too. Let the Universe work with its ways of Karmic Justice beyond our control.

Mercury Retrograde also brought many people into a rewinding into previous life situations and/or relationships. Many then questioned what was previously decided. Please wait till after the 27th or so before deciding which way to go.

The other major planetary event this week is the square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus on February 17. The planet of boundaries, rules and regulations (Saturn) meets the planet of liberation from anything that ties it down (Uranus). Order versus chaos at their extremes.

This is planetary marker for this time being an important turning point in our lives, globally and personally. Having order in one’s life gives feelings of stability and security. (Saturn) Too much of that brings boredom and depression.

Having some chaos brings creative energy and change. (Uranus) Too much brings feelings of being out of control and insecure.

In our world look for that Order/Chaos theme this week. There will be 2 more passes of Saturn square Uranus this year.

We are in an Aquarian lunar cycle now, as we had a New Moon in Aquarius on February 11. The Chinese New Year of the Ox began then also. It is said to be a year of more calmness and settling in.

Our relationship with China is getting more and more important. There will be great challenges between these two cultures this year. How we resolve this challenge will greatly affect how The Age of Aquarius’ Diversity Within Unity and Equality world develops.

Till next week


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