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Out of the Woods and Astrology Forecast November 15-21

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Time for moving forward, no matter what the circumstances. It’s like, “ready or not here we come”.

Jupiter was conjunct Pluto on Thursday, Mars went Direct in Aries on Friday, and there is a New Moon in Scorpio on Saturday.

Those three days have energies pushing hard, but with baggage to push out of the way before the feeling of freedom to travel.

It has been a rough ride this year, but the Election brought a feeling of relief to many, even if it is short lived.

And it is short lived, as Trump has not conceded defeat yet. And his minions are not accepting that reality either. What will they do is the question?

It is doubtful they will accept that their hero has been defeated, as it is quite likely they will never see someone like Trump again: Someone who backs their biases and prejudices.

The Maga agenda of bringing back a past that favored privilege for the few, rigid gender roles, and dominance over women and the female principle will need stay where it belongs- in the dustbin of history.

But the Culture War continues, the Civil War differences have not been resolved. We need some closure from that so we can be able to move forward in wholeness.

Many people back in the day of that Civil War believed that the South should have been allowed to create their own country split up from the North.

And even now it is so difficult to imagine Trump people and QAnon people being in the same “family” as everyone else.

Just like in the Civil War, there are families and friends who feel so estranged from one another because of this split.

And war is what bursts out when no bridge can be found to mend the difference.

Much will be known by the end of January 2021. First there is a Lunar Eclipse on November 30, a Solar Eclipse on December 14, and a Winter Solstice that holds the gift of a Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius.

There is much that will shake up during that time. And then in January 2021 Uranus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter will all be making exact aspect to the USA lunar nodes.

Fate has events in store for the republic.

Apparently, the USA has made a decision to continue its commitments from its founding: No more kings or queens or dictators or governments that rule over the people.

Instead is a philosophy “of the people, by the people, and for the people “

And Trump represents a return to having a King as the dominant ruler.

He also represents a loyalty to the Old Testament god who presides over a Patriarchal world.

The Election showed the people do not want that, but remember it was not a landslide. Almost half the population felt differently.

This Scorpio New Moon on the 14th of November opens Eclipse Season, and it shows us moving forward from the Election whether people are ready or not.

Scorpio is primal energy at the core of our being. So this lunar cycle will have people showing their true emotions. This New Moon cycle likely represents intense conflict and violence.

The next New Moon will be a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 14, a new moon that is closely opposite the USA natal Mars in Gemini: Seat belts required for Eclipse Season.

On Sunday/Monday the 15th/16th, Venus squares both Jupiter and Pluto, shaking up relationships of all kinds.

Then on Saturday the 21st the Sun moves into fiery Sagittarius, shaking off controls and liberating the free spirit.

Just make sure you do not leap into something before looking. Overall Sagittarius times lift spirits to see expansive views from the treetops.

You can more easily find meaning in your life events now, as long as you do not allow the Sagittarius weakness of Pollyanna illusion.

The decision has been made, now we get ready for the results and fallout from that decision.

Till next week,


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