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Processing and Preparing and Astrology Forcast October 18-24

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are getting closer to Eclipse Season, Presidential Election, the last Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, and an important Winter Solstice holding a New Age conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.

Friday gave us a New Moon in Libra that was complicated by a Cardinal T-square. And right now we are processing two important Retrogrades: Mercury and Mars.

Official Election Day is November 3. That night Mercury ends its Retrograde movement and goes back Direct. Ten days later Mars goes back Direct also.

Most everything is on hold now, yet there is for many a strong desire to push forward anyway. If you do, you will likely be thwarted and frustrated

Mars is still pushing from Aries, while Saturn is keeping a status quo determination to hold the line. And Retrogrades keep us processing instead of acting.

Mercury Retrograde has our minds rewinding to how we used to perceive it and to question how it is now. It goes Direct on November 3

Mars Retrograde puts pause on our forward motion, and in that pause encourages us to get clear on what we truly desire, as well as what we need to assert. It goes Direct on November 13.

The New Moon in Libra last Friday nudges us to try to relate to those we are having such a difficult time doing just that.

Just look at the Culture War going on. Trump people and Biden people are a great example of divisions that appear to lack a bridge of understanding between them.

Libra New Moon suggests we try, but that t-square within the New Moon signature tells us it would take a minor miracle for that to become a reality right now.

We call it Culture War now, as real war has so far been averted.

In 1861 the Culture War was then between the North and the plantation slave South.

Culture War became Civil War for the next 4 years- splitting the country in two in a most horrific manner. Brother against Brother.

And again families are torn apart. You see friends now no longer able to stay friends; family members no longer able to do family activities together anymore.

And when the very likely result of Trump losing actually happens, does it not seem also very possible that the militia types that threatened the Michigan governor with kidnapping, will erupt out of the shadows with violence?

This week and within the next few weeks, as we process during the retrogrades, we will be determining what will happen later.

Is there a way for you to find a bridge to people who are so diametrically opposed to who you are and what you believe?

True relationship combines being true to yourself with making real connection with someone else.

Some people sacrifice their self integrity and make relationship no matter what.

On the other far edge, some people are so protective of their individuality that they cannot be budged to compromise at all.

Where are you in this process? War occurs when compromise fails. War occurs when there is no apparent middle ground.

The next 2-3 months are so important for both our personal and collective futures.

This week as we wax upwards in the lunar Cycle begun at the Libra New Moon last week, we encounter Sun square Saturn and Mars square Jupiter aspects in the beginning of the week.

A Saturn stop sign seeks to warn you to not be too giving and allowing. It sees your generosity as being too naive to know you are being taken advantage of.

Mars in Aries square Jupiter in Capricorn triggers a storm created because one’s desires to take what one wants is confronted by societal demands.

And on Thursday the 22nd the Sun goes into dark and passionate Scorpio, for its annual meeting.

As the Sun begins to go down at the Autumn Equinox, it does so with graceful beauty all around, like the leaves turning colors before they Fall.

Scorpio time of year brings to most places colder air and darker days.

On a soul level that means going deeper inside , as being outside it is beginning to be less tolerable.

We know more clearly now that winter is approaching and priorities need to be reexamined. Relationships are getting more attention as we are finding insights into previously shallow waters of understanding.

Scorpio brings in the passion of instincts that Libra kept polite and civil.

Scorpio time is a time also of secrets kept and lost. Scorpio is “ruled” by Pluto, Guardian of the Underworld, where secrets and shames are kept unconscious.

Some places in our personal underworlds are frowned on by society and kept under wraps in our consciousness.

Scorpio represents power, which at its worst is abuse of Power and at its best is being empowered to be able to stand tall in one’s beliefs and endeavors.

Till next week,


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