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Scorpio: Deepening of our experience, and Astrology Forecast for October 25-October 31

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Sun has gone down into Scorpio, and our human experience deepens.  We begin to feel and know the deeper reality and truth.  With so many electronic devices in our lives. with so many prescription drugs, with so much time on the internet, with so much running around to get things done, we often do escape the deeper realities.

At Scorpio time the deeper reality often cannot be avoided.  Family dramas arise.   Emotional outbursts erupt.  Thoughts and feelings we thought had been resolved or buried come back into our consciousness.

It is time for our soul to speak louder than our intellect.  We are so trained here in America to mainly respect what our minds tell us, and to give less respect to our feelings and emotions.

Yet our feelings and emotions are the voice of our souls.  They tell us about our longings and desires, our sufferings and our joys, our hopes and our fears, our deeper connections, our loves and our hates.

Without the feelings and emotions of our souls we are mind driven robots.

So even though Scorpio time of year can seem too emotional or intense for some, it does bring us deeper into our souls, which brings us into our true humanity.

In the greater world some of the latent challenges and troubles will come to the surface to be confronted.   More troubles with the economy will surface this Scorpio month and people will get more worried that we are not in recovery.

The deeper animosity between the western world and Iran will surface with events around Iran’s nuclear program.    Israel will be in the lead to push the world toward war.    Obama is in the lead to find a logical and peaceful solution.

In Pakistan/Afghanistan things will get more intense also, and Obama will likely be pushed to send more troops there.

The battle for health care will heat up even more as we get closer to a united bill.     The Public Option will be included in that bill.

Events and emotions will intensify even more greatly as we get to the middle of November, when we are in the last days of Sun in Scorpio.  On November 15 Saturn will square Pluto and on the 16th will be a Scorpio New Moon.

These aspects will take us deeper into our emotions as events play out that stoke these deeper feelings.    Often under Scorpio influence we figuratively blow our tops like a raging volcano, and in mid to late November this tendency will be at its zenith- especially for people with Scorpio planets or a strong Pluto in their charts.

Astrology Forecast for Oct 25-Oct 31

Emotions intensify during this Scorpio time of year and will intensify even more when there is a new Moon in Scorpio on November 16.

Scorpio is a misunderstood sign and is feared by many people.   Scorpio is most associated with the planet Pluto.  Pluto is the mythological guardian of the underworld, of Hades.   And our modern world is so removed from its natural energies.    Scorpio is the intensity, power, and passion of our instinctual emotions.

In a mostly civilized world it is often feared because it reflects our true feelings and desires that cannot be easily expressed.    So Scorpios often keep their true desires and thoughts to themselves.  But since they are so deep, passionate, and mentally penetrating, they often have to keep powerful emotions suppressed inside.   This is why so many Scorpios seem mysterious.

As guardians of the underworld they see the shadow side of life, the darker motives of other people.   They often cannot stand to be around more superficial people, people who do not seem real to them.

Scorpios will often, and sometimes quite unknowingly, sting a person emotionally in just the place that will upset and hurt  that person the most.  Sometimes arguments will then ensue and all the negative emotions will be expressed.   This can result in a catharsis, almost like a sexual climax, which will leave both parties more angry with one another, or will result in a deep healing experience.

Scorpios, as they are connected to the shadow side of life, are also often quite compassionate people.  They do understand emotional pain.

The second quarter of the lunar cycle begins on Sunday with the Moon in Aquarius square to the Sun in Scorpio.   This can create situations on Sunday and Monday that require us to decide between using our heads or letting out our emotions.

On Tuesday there is less drama as the Moon makes aspect to Jupiter and Neptune.  On Wednesday things deepen again as Mercury leaves harmonious Libra for intense Scorpio.  The Moon in Pisces adds more feeling and depth to the day.

On Wednesday- into Thursday, a Mars square Sun in Scorpio aspect signals anger and confrontation.  Friday also has intense aspects, as the Moon goes into frank and assertive Aries.   That Moon in Aries makes challenging aspect to Uranus, Saturn and Pluto.  Thursday and Friday  could be the most eventful days of the week.  Watch for news in the world that is about major confrontations, battles and disagreements.

Also on Thursday Saturn moves into a sign it feels most comfortable in.  In most of the next 2 and a half years Saturn will be in Libra.  It begins to get into orb now of its square to Pluto.   We are being taken into more fear-based challenges.

It is wise to keep up with spiritual practices now so you can stay out of fear.   All is happening as it must now and is setting us up for the transition between ages.  Look for signs and symbols from the Universe, watch for meaningful synchronicities that show you where to go on your life path.  The Universe is always there to help us on our way. Stay aware of its presence.

Our human family is coming up to place it has been in many times before.   As we change ages we need to decide whether we are all one, no matter our differences.   If we choose instead to see other peoples as our enemies we will bring a much different future to ourselves.

We are all one family if we choose to see it that way.  We are all enemies if we choose to see it that way.    It does seem that we will, as always, be taken to the edge before we choose.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please visit spiritualrenaissance for more information and writings. Please visit my personal website for more forecasts and information about my readings and services.

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