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Solar Eclipse New Moon and forecast for July 4-10

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The second of two eclipses erupts into our world next Sunday July 11 at 3:40 PM EDT.  It is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer. It follows the important Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross from last week Saturday June 26.

There is a strong T-Square of planets that lasts most of the summer, and intensifies late in July and early August.   This summer is a crossroads summer, and very meaningful events will continue to occur throughout the season.  In fact, the tensions built this summer may create events even into the coming autumn and beyond.

It is important to put the powerful eclipse events this summer in context.  We are in transition between ages, from a Piscean Age begun over 2000 years ago, to an Aquarian Age cusp now.  I believe December 2020 is a good marking point for the beginning of that new age.  It is when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.

An old world and its old paradigm are dying.   As it dies it struggles mightily to survive and perpetuate its existence.    It often becomes more and more stubborn as it clings to its dying embers of life.  Today an oil tanker exploded and killed over 200 people in the Congo.  This of course follows the horrible oil rig explosion and disastrous oilspill that followed.  So much natural  life, oceanic beauty, and livelihood has been and will continue to be destroyed.

This represents old ways and an old paradigm dying. Though we temporarily feel helpless to stop the continuation of our addiction to oil and its terrible repercussions to healthy and harmonious living on Earth, we will move inexorably to new and better ways in a New Aquarian Age.   We must transform our energy orientations and move to cleaner and healthier ways to live together on the Earth.  Oil has become closely associated with greed and invasion and empire and war.    These ways are part of an old paradigm and age. 

As we watch with fear the economic system unraveling and falling apart, we need to know in the bigger picture that this demise is aligned with the changing of Ages.  We are ready to transform this unfair and inequitable economic system that rewards greed and selfishness.

In order to truly move with the changes into an Aquarian Age, it is necessary for each of us to let go of our reliance on the authorities of our society.  The Aquarian way is to give power and voice to the individual citizen. 

We entered the beginning of the cusp of the Aquarian Age way back in the late 18th century, when Uranus was being discovered. Uranus was discovered in 1781 and at that time two profoundly important revolutions were surrounding that date:  The American and French revolutions. Interestingly, Uranus is the “ruling” planet of Aquarius.   And Uranus is revolution, breaking outside the box, liberty,  freedom, revolution, and radical change.   Aquarius is equality and individuality in community. 

The breaking away from the monarchy, the authority of the old world, is a Uranian and Aquarian principle.   With Aquarius, the power is with the individual citizen, no longer merely a subject of the Crown.   Keep in mind also that the USA birth chart of July 4, 1776 has the USA Moon in Aquarius.  The Moon is the soul of our nation, our inner foundation.  It is what brought this nation its great principles.

Today I read an article that stated a document of Thomas Jefferson was found where he was crossing out the word “subject” and putting instead “citizen”.   He, who was a bringing a new world from out of the old world, obviously was wrestling with his own transition between worlds.

And you know that many of our privileged members of the government and mega-corporations consider us their loyal subjects, not their equal citizen.  And people from other countries are often looked at with even more disdain. 

As we move closer to a full embrace of the Aquarian Age, we must more fully move there in our consciousness. Just as Jefferson showed his inner conflicts between worlds with his unsureness in choice of words subject and citizen, so do we often sit on the fence between worlds.

 The falling economy shows us we can no longer rely on old “sureness” like home values always rise and will never go down; like stocks will always provide value if we stay in the market with patience.    We are learning that oil can not be relied on long term.   We are learning that the traditional medical profession is getting more and more dysfunctional.  We see more and more that we cannot rely on govermnent leaders and presidents or traditional political parties anymore.   

We are learning more and more to turn to Aquarian ways.  That means we move even further away from so-called authorities, from the “monarchy” of our current world.

We turn to our own mind, our own authority, our connections with a true community of local and global citizens.  The Internet, a true Aquarian web, helps to provide us with this new individual empowerment.   We can find answers and products, without the need for traditional authority like the FDA.    We find, through the web, a community of ideas and information that help to give us our power back.

So you can see how the downfall of our old institutions paves the way forward into a New Age.  The dying economy will eventually transform into a new and more fair and truly functional financial world.  The horrible tragedies like the oil spill will transformm our world into new and cleaner and better energy.

It is best now to let go of your trust in the old institutions and find power in your own mind and soul. It is best also to link up in friendship, partnership, and community with others who are walking similar paths into a new world and paradigm.

You will recieve more and more help, through personal and world events, to let go of old ways and embrace the new. The powerful astrological events that are occurring this summer and beyond are reflections of this transformation.   There is no fate against you or the human condition. We are receiving help to evolve our consciousness and lives into a new world and paradigm.

Astrology Forecast for July 4-10. 

Much was intensified and shaken up at the Lunar Eclipse. Soon, at the Solar Eclipse on July 11, the enerigies will be to move us forward.   Solar Eclipses are New Moons with more punch. That means there will be much energy for new beginnings. 

But this coming week is the last quarter moon before the new moon begins.   Powerful world events are likely as we are between eclipses this coming week.  Pay special attention to what happens with the economy and with the Middle East.   Israel is getting ready to attack Iran before too long, and the two days surrounding the New Moon next week are dangerous for attack.    That time is also dangerous for powerful earthquakes.

On Monday July 5 Uranus changes directions and goes retrograde. Its radical energies are in the air for a couple days.   Things could feel weird or out of control, especailly so as we are closer to the next eclipse for next Sunday.

In personal lives the coming New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer brings up very emotional issues and sensitivities, and can start up family dramas.   Issues about strong women and mothers is also on the front burner now.   Be aware more of those who are vulnerable and cannot take care of themselves like children and the elderly and pets. 

Shifting energies, breakdowns and breakthroughs continue this week.  Change is on the agenda for the whole summer.

We will talk more about the Solar Eclipse next week, as well as the upcoming Conscious Convergence for July 17/18

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please visit my website for more writings, a copy of our Spiritual Renaissance publication, and information about readings and other services.

On Saturday July 10 at 1 PM EDT we will present our second radio show Perspectives from the Sky.

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