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Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn and Astrology Forecast for January 10-16

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The second of two eclipses in a row happens this week, on Friday January 15 at 2:11 AM on the USA east coast.  On the west coast the eclipse falls on January 14 at 11:11 PM.    The Capricorn/Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse from New Year’s Eve Day 2009 and this week’s Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn bring a common theme:   Security issues.

Cancer and Capricorn both are connected to security and stability.  They are the archetypal “Mom and Dad” energies, although in the contemporary world, those gender roles are mixed.

Cancer provides inner security through nurturing, care, and unconditional acceptance.    Capricorn provides outer security by meeting the demands of the world through accomplishment, work, planning and discipline.  Cancer builds safety through making a comfortable and nourishing home base.  Capricorn gives safety through building success in the world and gaining the rewards of money, etc. that provide security.

In the mainstream world the eclipses have brought with them the recent failed terrorist attacks, which have shaken many people’s sense of inner and outer security.    New scanners are being put in airports around the world.  Governments are contemplating more such  moves toward greater security.  The cable news shows talk incessantly now about the CIA and its failures, Homeland Security and its failures, the President and his failures.  Many are getting freaked out about the recent incidents, especially the Christmas Day bombing attempt near Detroit.

These concerns now about our safety and security are deeper and broader than just the recent eclipses.  Pluto’s recent movement into Capricorn a couple years ago, which will last for 15 years, is about transforming the structures and institutions of our world.  Since this is within the broader context of an Aquarian Age and 2012, we can expect massive changes to our way of life, our economy, and our relations with the rest of the world over the next several years.

The last few weeks, which have been under the influence of the eclipses, have brought increased feelings of insecurity for many.  Many ar enow less sure about the direction of their life.   Jobs, money, relationships seem less stable and reliable.

Perhaps it is time to let go more of our attachments, addictions, co-dependencies, and that which we are clinging too hard to.   It is time to liberate our minds, hearts, and souls.  It is time to recapture our free spirits, no matter what age we are.   For those of you beyond your teens and ’20s, you know how easy it is to get so much into security and safety and material concerns.   It is easy to get bogged down into every day” same-old, same-old”, and lose your flexibility for change.

But change is coming, it accelerates in 2010, and it will behoove each of us to let go, to release what is ready to be released, and to move on to a new phase of our lives.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn this Friday January 14/15 will get us moving forward again.    For many direction will get more clear this week or next as Mercury goes direct on January 15, adding to the forward direction of the New Moon that day.  But for some pieces of the puzzle will be left to solve in regards to our overall life direction and desires for our future as Mars will still be Retrograde until March 10.

But for now, with the Solar Eclipse New Moon, and Mercury going direct this week, we will have some forward movement and greater clarity.    The fog of our life path will begin to clear.  Remember that at eclipses energies and emotions intensify, and we usually get taken out of our normal balance.

Since this New Moon Eclipse is in Capricorn, we get more of a sense, however, of “getting our life together”.   We start to make plans, or life brings us seemingly fated events that show us what we must let go of, and what direction we need to now take.

If you have your Sun in Capricorn, especially if you are born in mid January you are most affected by this eclipse.   If you were born with Sun in Cancer, and were born in mid July you are most affected by this eclipse.    In fact if you have any planets in the middle degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn you are very affected by this eclipse.     You will have more of a tendency to have your security issues challenged and opened for change.

This coming week, the week of January 10 through January 16, life may feel more serious.   This is especially so from mid week through the end of the week.

This is so because Saturn, the planet that “rules” Capricorn, slows down and changes directions on Wednesday the 13th, less than two days before the Capricorn New Moon Eclipse.   It is time to get down to business, to do what needs to be done, to work hard and more efficiently. 

Saturn is Old Man Time, a reminder that life is limited by the passing of time on this Earth plane of existence.  Things end and die, time marches on.  We sometimes need to let go of people, jobs,old times of our life.   Saying goodbye is always difficult.    But new horizons await us, always one season of life passes into another season of life.

And of course Thursday/Friday is the New Moon in Capricorn.  It is a turning point time of life.  Everything may not be totally clear and laid out yet, but a shift is happening.  And it is a powerful shift, with all implications not known until several months ahead.

In the greater mainstream world, the USA is having military/economic concerns heat up again.   The power of the USA is being asserted and/or challenged now.     In 1991, on January 15, just like now in 2010, there was a powerful Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn at the exact same 25 degrees.  That is near the USA Pluto in its natal chart’s second house.  On that day in 1991 Iraq and Saddam Hussein were attacked by the USA and its allies.  That community of nations that gathered together for the attack were called the New World Order.   This was mainly a combination of western world allies, Europe and the USA.

I do not expect such a dramatic force of attack again this time as the aspects to this eclipse are not the same as last time. In 1991 Saturn was conjunct the Eclipse, which brought more of fated grave energy to the formation.     But issues related to the military/industrial empire of western nations, led by the USA, will again be in the spotlight.   What are the threats to this Empire now?  It is from a difficult economy, Al Queda, Iran and North Korea, Yemen, Palestine, and potentially Pakistan.

If you saw the movie Avatar, you know they were referencing this global corporate, military empire of the USA and New World Order as the “bad guys” destroying the natural and spiritual world of the Na’vi native peoples.

This movie is a consciouness raising movie for mainstream America and the world, and lets us know we are moving toward a world beyond Empires that rule all our lives and the natural world and Earth environment.

We are on the cusp of great change, and 2010 will open up and clear the path for greater progress into this New World.

“See” you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

take a look at my website for more writings and to see more about readings and other services.  There is information there about becoming a member of Spiritual Renaissance, where you can get a year’s subscription to our publication and 10% off astrological and other services for $30/year.

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