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Spirituality and the Aquarian Age, plus Astrology Forecast for May 9-15

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we leave the Pisces Age for the Aquarian Age, we individually and collectively move through a great change in our viewpoints about religion and spirituality.

Meaningfully, the Pisces Age began around the time (within a few centuries) that Christ was said to be born.  2160 years is the length of an Age, and so we are on the cusp of the Aquarian Age.  Personally I believe the Aquarian Age begins at the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0+ degrees of Aquarius in December of 2020.  This in the greater span of time is extremely close to the Mayan calculation of a new Age beginning on Decemebr 20 2012.

Of course it is not that important to get an exact time for these things, as no miraculous or horrible event will likely happen at that specific time.  The changing of Ages is a gradual process of changing paradigms and lifestyles and consciousness over time.

What Christ became to humanity explains some of the meaning of the Pisces Age, most specifically about the spirituality and religion of the age.  Prior to the birth of Christ and the subsequent Christian religion, most practiced spirituality was pagan in nature.   Of course there were glimpses of the One God religions in Judaism and others, but the many Gods and Goddesses, and nature worship prevailed.

Christianity arose during the Pisces Age as did Islam after the coming of Mohammed in the 7th century.   These two religions, born from the seeds of Judaism, grew enormously during the Pisces Age.  Keep in mind that organized religion, for all practical purposes, was a new phenomenon born in the Pisces Age.

These two organized religions account for the vast majority of members of religion on the Earth.  And religion in the Pisces Age has had a dominating effect on our lives and our psyches and consciousness.   Like patriotism to a nation,  organized religion has had the effect of greatly influencing people’s minds, hearts and souls.

And devotion to a religion or nation has blocked many of the natural channels to the voice inside, found in meditation by some, that tells us what is real, true, and aligned with Soul  and Spirit.  It has robbed many of the channel to their own free mindedness.

In fact the modern world, with all its ingrained institutions and their programming of our minds and hearts, has robbed many of direct free and natural access to Mind, Spirit, Soul, Universe,  and “God”.

Don’t get me wrong,, these Religions and Nations and their institutions have served a purpose in our human lives, in alignment with the Pisces Age we are rapidly leaving.

We have learned to organize, and bring together people in unified causes.  We have learned to devote ourselves, in common cause, to something greater than ourselves.    We broke away from pagan rites like sacrificing virgins or animals in death.   We learned to live by rules and morals that have protected us from each other and our more savage instincts.   We have created, from the rules of religion and society, more civility.

But our laws and rules and morals have in many aspects, through time, become empty, without the spirit and soul within which they were originally intended.

The Aquarian Age, like Aquarius, is about moving outside the stale and confining boxes of obsolete and confining reality.  It is about individual connections to greater webs of truth.   Humans are responsible for their own world, not Kings and Queens or governments or religions or Gods.

In order to live in a sustainable world, we need to take back our own minds and hearts and souls so we can create and build a New Age and Paradigm for living.

This new paradigm, as it is integrated inside ourselves, helps open the channels that have closed down in our psyches and bodies, releases the wounds and obstacles, heals the past, and brings us through powerful transformations.

We then can honor our abilities to connect directly with the Universe and all its many facets of spirit and soul.   The saviors are inside of us, love and compassion is inside of us, truth and justice resides within.  The kingdom is within, as the Christ taught.

As we move into this Aquarian Age we take with us the lessons of our spiritual masters and religion, but we give empowerment to “we the people” as individuals responsible for our Earth and our human community and our own spirituality.

Astrology Forecast for week of May 9-May 15

We begin the week facing a recently Retrograde Mercury and a Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio.    Mercury went retrograde early on Thursday the 7th and the Full Moon is just after midnight, at 12:01 AM on Saturday morning the 9th as our forecast begins.  The days surrounding these events will be the most intense and can be quite difficult.  Some will feel overwhelmed and fearful. I hope that by Monday or Tuesday things will calm down and the rest of the week will be much more mild.

This Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon (Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio) is the Wesak Full Moon, an annual event at this time of year, which is said to connect to Buddha.    It is usually a strong full moon, whose intensity is felt often times in a powerful way.   Shifts in consciousness occur.  Feeling calm like the Buddha (Taurus) in the midst of intensity (Scorpio) is the test. And since both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs, we know how stubborn people can be during this full moon.  Power struggles often occur.  It can also be a good time for healing emotional ills between people, though sometimes through a blow-up, catharsis and then empathy for other’s position.

On Mother’s day the moon will move into spirited Sagittarius, and for some emotional issues will wait to come out that day .  On Monday the moon will stay in Sagittarius.

The next couple of days will be more sobering and slow as the moon is in serious Saturn-ruled Capricorn.  Best to get down to business and hard work and discipline.

We are now at a waning moon cycle, time to bring energies into more Yin alignment, slowing down.

Soon however Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune and Uranus will be making inspirational aspect to one another.  We will talk more about that next time.

Stay tuned next week Saturday and every Saturday for the next forecast entry here.

And for more info or to find out about my sessions and readings, visit and push the services button on the menu.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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