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Straddling the Worlds and Astrology Forecast for May 9-May 15

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Spring 2010 is bringing in many big changes, as we expected and predicted.   The Iceland volcano eruption is still spewing enough ash to shut down airports in Spain and Portugal this weekend.    Of course when it first erupted in mid April many more countries had interrrupted flights from the eruption.   Not long afterward an oil spill in the gulf near New Orleans has caused massive damage to wildlife and the ocean and severely disrupted fishing and other business.   And this week the stock market severely plunged lower and gives warning that the much ballyhooed economic recovery is an illusion.

The changes have only just begun this spring.  Many more are on the way, and these changes will continue through the summer also.  The Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross on June 26 promises shifting tides of change, and leads into a Solar Eclipse on July 11 that will bring more transformation to our human condition and world. 

In the big picture we are between worlds, between ages.   Many look at this through the lens of astrology, as we know we are changing from a Pisces Age to an Aquarian Age. Others recognize the Mayan prophecies, of worlds changing in 2012.  Still others have studied Hopi prophecies or Biblical prophecies, which also speak to vast Earth and human changes now.

Do you not find it interesting that so many different cultures and viewpoints all point to the same direction?  And now  this transformational change is intensifying.    What can we do to facilitate this change?

Many have been trying to straddle two worlds, keeping safe within the structure and paradigm of an old world; and progressively moving forward into a new world.   But the pull from both directions is geting stronger and stronger.

An old world fights desperately to perpetuate its existence, to survive as its structures are threatened.  Its sense of well-being, as can be partly seen through its economy or its predictable weather conditions, is being eroded.    

A new world has new ideas for survival and community.  This new world brings with it desires to open up connections to heart and soul, to one another and the Universe. It seeks to break away from old conditioning and from old  rules and paradigms, and to open the mind to new ways of being and living.

It is getting more and more difficult to straddle two worlds, to sit on the fence between them.   Challenges that come our way are meant to help us to let go of old beliefs and patterns that keep us attached to the old world.    Fear can be such an enormous demon, blocking our passage forward.  It tells us not speak up against people who are abusive to us.   It makes us wary of change and has us holding onto people, jobs, and other situations that are bad for us, and impede our natural evolution.

It is essential now to be flexible and open to change.   I know how hard it is to let go of what has given one a sense of security. ” Tried and true” ways may no longer work anymore.  Traditional ways may be felt more and more to be stale and lifeless.    The old rules for living are leaving us, and the speed of change into new ways is accelerating.

Hard line conservative people will continue to speak louder and louder as they see their old world going away.  They will be desperate to hold onto what has been familiar to them and in some cases what has givin them privilege.  Many are now speaking through Sarah Palin.  Others will want to repress our freedoms in the name of security.

These hardliners will become dinosaurs soon.  There is a new wolrd being born that they cannot survive within.

 The New World brings more accepted diversity in ONENESS to our human condition.  For instance our gay brothers and sisters are will more and more be leaving the shadows of our culture, especially the dark corners of our antiquated religions.  They become one of the many colors of our world’s cultural rainbow, out in the open for all to see.

Hatred, demonizing and war cries against other countries and peoples will end also as we enter an Aquarian Age of equality and sharing.   

Do not fear the voices of the old world that seek to keep same-old alive.  Open your heart and mind to new voices, new frequencies.

The world changes and personal changes this spring and summer challenge us to stay on our soul path forward to more authentic lives in alignment to nature and the Universe.  Sometimes we may feel fear and our egos trying to take over and wanting to be in control.   But if we keep listening to deeper soul’s wisdom and the helpers and friends we meet on our path, we will be fine.

We will make choices that keep us connected, and keep us on the path to an Aquarian Age consciousness and life.

Week of May 9- May 15

Early this week we clean up old business and finish reviewing and reflecting about our lives.  We are in the last quarter of the lunar cycle until late Thursday night May 13 at the New Moon in Taurus.  And we finish up Mercury Retrograde on Tuesday night May 11, as Mercury goes back direct again.

So expect shifting energies this week.   There will be a feeling of issues clearing up and direction getting more clear.

Mercury has been retrograde since April 18.  Many people have their minds change during that time.  They thought they were going in a certain direction, and then events or inner reflection pushed them to think differently.  And some made big changes or big decisions as a result.  Others have tried to wait before jumping to conclusion.  

Now soon the air clears and we know what to do, and are more clear about where we are headed. Mercury goes direct on Tuesday May 11 at 6:27 PM EDT.

And soon thereafter there is more energy to actually move forward as there is a New Moon in Taurus on Thursday May 13 at 9:04 PM EDT.  Issues concerning comfort and security, money and home come to the forefront.  This is a good month ahead to enjoy nature, stay grounded in your body, and to get more practical with your life.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please visit my web site to find more writings and to gain information about readings and counseling and other services.

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