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Strong New Beginnings and Astrology Forecast for April 11-17

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we shift from a last quarter waning moon- to a strong New Moon in Aries on Wednesday, that brings us powerful new beginnings. 

The impetus to move forward with our lives will be strong.    When spring began a few weeks ago, desires for change stirred within.   After this New Moon in Aries we feel compelled to put these stirrings into action.

Aries is a fire cardinal sign.  Fire is active energy.  Cardinal is initiating energy.   Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are the first month of a season.   Aries brings in spring; Cancer brings in summer; Libra brings in autumn; Capricorn brings in winter.

So Aries, being fire and cardinal, shows us the sign of greatest force forward.   Aries intitiates, pioneers, pushes into new territory like buds pushing through the branches of trees on their way to being full leaves.   Aries rises to a challenge, competes, metaphorically is the sperm seeking to be the first to reach the egg for conception.  Aries is an independent warrior who knows she must be true to herself, in order to be impowered for the trials of this tough world.

This is meant to be a powerful spring and summer of change.    And after Wednesday it truly begins.

What can we expect in the greater world?

The stock market and media financial reports show us signs of an economy in recovery.   I do not believe this recovery is sustainable, and hence in late spring or summer we will get obvious information that the economy is on its way further down.  The downturn of the economy is part of a much greater process of changing paradigms and ages.  We will soon need to look at the core problems and how these problems are reflective of an old model of reality no longer working.   

Our lives are out of balance, and part of that imbalance is related to the dominance of our material beliefs and attitudes.  Most people do not look to their hearts and souls for direction for their lives.  They look to what will help them with their material lives first and foremost.  And then they look to religions, which all too often are also devoid of true soul and spirit. 

So our economic system is accordingly first to feel the death of old ways of being.  It will eventually be transformed to be of more service to our human condition and the health of our world and Earth. It will be transformed to service more of the Earth’s people, not just the privileged few. The current system rewards greed and selfishness, and has lead to corporate dominance of our lives.

Now we will be forced to move beyond old models of cpaitalism versus socialism in order to find answers to our collective finanacial well being.   The serious downturn of the economy will force us to do so.

And other changes are coming also to take out of “same-old, same-old” patterns of behavior.   The weather changes, so apparent this last winter and early spring will continue.  Other natural earth changes will also continue, like larger more destructive earthquakes.  Again this is part of the enormous shifts coming our way on the journey to a new paradigm and age.

There is also a big  shift of power in the world. The USA and western civilization will learn to share power and wealth with peoples all over the world.  The days of empires and superpowers is coming to an end.  We are entering a multipolar world now, with more equality and fairness.    Hopefully the power shifting does not create another world war on the way to the equality, but right now that is in doubt.   

Watch for events surrounding the Middle East and Jerusalem, Israel and Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, North and South Korea, and the War on Terrorism.   Witness the growing strength of China, India, and Brazil.

Watch also this spring and summer, in alignment with the Saturn/Uranus/Jupiter aspects and the Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross, revolutionary movements and liberation movements.  Even in this country there will be more and more people wanting to free themselves from a system that is straying further and further away from “we the people”.  More and more people will be leaving the traditional two party system, which has been bought out by special interest groups and corporations.

And the broad tea party and militia movements have rageful radicals within their memberships, who will try to break down the government and its leaders.

Each of us in our personal lives is a microcosm for the greater world.  We are each a part of the great changes.   Whatever areas of your life feel spirit dead and stale are ripe for change.  If you are feeling trapped in any area of your life, perhaps it is time to liberate your self.  

Watch for inner awakenings that let you know it is time to move on.  Watch for signs and symbols and synchronicities that let you know it is time to leave the old world and enter a new one.  If the “door” to a new world stays stubbornly closed, realize it is not the right place or time to make the move.    Work with the Universe. The Universe is not out to stop you from what you want.

But if what you want is only connected to your ego and smaller self, then it is not what is right for you. It will not truly satsify you in your deeper soul.  Your deeper soul (higher self) will draw to you what is best for you to actualize your authentic self and its connection to the greater community and Universe.   Let go of your need to satisfy what the world has programmed you to think you want and need.   

Go to where the true “connections” are for you.  Watch and wait for the signs and openings, be patient and have faith you live in a meaningful Universe on a sacred soul path. 

Astrology Report for Sunday April 11- Saturday April 17

From Sunday to Wednesday we are in the waning part of the lunar cycle begun on March 15 with a New Moon in Pisces.   During the last few days of a lunar cycle it is time to wind down and prepare for a new cycle at the New Moon.  This is especially true now as the new moon this week is one of the strongest for forward movement: The New Moon in Aries.

So clean up in your life what needs to be cleaned up from Sunday to Wednesday.  Make positive visualizations and affirmations at the dark Moon, on Monday through Wednesday.   This is a most powerful new moon to make intention.

On Wednesday April 14 at 5:29 AM PDT and 8:29 AM EDT is the New Moon in Aries.  If you have been putting off or procrastinating, now is the time to get started.  The winds of the Universe are at your back.  You do not have to have full movement forward yet, but get started, even if in small ways.

On Saturday April 17, thinking and communicating airwaves begin shifting.  Mercury goes retrograde.  It will stay retrograde until May 11.  Mercury retrograde is nothing to be superstitious about. Many people talk about how everything goes haywire during Mercury retrograde- cars and other machinery break down and life becomes a living hell.  It is not true.

Mercury retrograde brings a shift in our lens, in our perceptions.    We get taken out of “stuck” mental zones.  Left brain does not work as well.   We need to be more right brain imaginative, and be more reflective.   We need to be more careful in our communications, more present.   We need to be more careful and not make rash decisions.   And sometimes it does feel like “not normal”.  But it is not a tragedy waiting to happen.

See you next week at the start of Mercury Retrograde.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please visit my website for more writings, a new publication full of new articles, and a visit to the Services page, to learn more about readings and counseling.

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