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Summer Eclipses and Transformation

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross is upon us.    It will be followed by a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on July 11.  Throughout most of the summer there is T-Square of planets in cardinal signs Aries, Libra, and Capricorn, especially close in late July and early August. 

Many have been feeling increasing tension and intensity inside themselves, in their personal lives and in the greater world. 

In the greater world there is still the challenge of the Oil Spill in the Gulf.  This passing week there was the changing of generals in Afghanistan and the approaching confrontations by Israel of Lebanese and Iranian ships headed with supplies to Gaza. Remember that many empires, inluding the Soviet Union, began their empire’s downfall in Afghanistan. And remember also that many prophecies, including Biblical ones, view the Middle East as the centerpiece around moving from an old world to a new one.

The economy was in the spotlight this week as well,  as federal money for home buyers dried up; bills to continue funds for the unemployed were not passed in congress; and a wall street reform bill gained form and strength.   All show the great winds of change happening now during this summer of 2010.  Our economy, as it happened in the Great Depression, needs to be radically transformed to serve more of the people in the USA and all over the world.  A system built on privilege for the few is unfair and is no longer working well any more.  The economic bailout, passed by the two headed dragon of Democrats and Republicans, has tried to keep the old system intact.  It will fail, recovery is an illusion.

The old world, the Military/Industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about,  is wanting to re-strengthen its Fortress- like world strength. Great waves of resistance to this Empiric power is forming to break the Old Fortress down and bring in new energies of fairness, equality, love, and truth.  In the big picture all these eclipses and other planetary movements are spikes of change within the Universe’s great cycle of the changing of Ages into an Aquarian Age.   

And perhaps most on point is what is happening in Toronto now.   There is a G-20 meeting there this weekend June 26-27 of the leading Finance Ministers, Central Bank Governors, and heads of state of the richest countries in the world who control most of the wealth in the world.  These economies comprise 85% of the gross national product of the world and 80% of world trade. It will discuss matters of the International financial system and its stability, including talks about the threats to that security by countries like Iran and North Korea.

Protestors, including some hardened anarchists, are ready to fight the Machine.  But nowadays, since the ’60s revolution and the violent Seattle protests in 1999, the Powers That Be have made it extremely difficult to make any powerful statements against the World Order.   They push the protesters into small areas of activity far from the actual meeting places. These meeting places are cordoned off in fortress-like security barriers, with sometimes 2 police for every protestor.  Interestingly, there was a rare earthquake near Toronto this week.

This kind of situation is symbolic of the control over the citizens that the Empire of wealth and armor has now.   The power of the people is being threatened.

But nature, the Universe, and the power of people aligned with Universal movements and truths will continue to push us forward into a New Aquarian Age.

In the year 2000 there was a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.  They make conjunction every 20 years. That year they were conjunct (or together) in Taurus.  The chart for that moment of conjunction found Uranus in Aquarius square that Taurus conjunction.  Symbolically that meant that the next 20 years after 2000 would show us a battle (squares are battles) between forces of the old world digging in (Taurus) and great waves of change into an Aquarian Age (Uranus in Aquarius).

The half way point of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is 2010, as Jupiter opposes Saturn.  It is at this point that the tide begins to turn away form the powers of the Old World and toward the New Age.  In December 2020, when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius at 0+ degrees, we will collectively be symbolically entering a New Aquarian Age.   There will be more and more breakdowns of the old world and powerful breakthroughs into new ways and consciousness on Earth.

In your own life this is true also.  The power of conditioning from the old world and its institutions will fall away for you more and more.  You can be more liberated now from old tapes that control your mind, heart and soul.  You have Universal permission to break through stifling old patterns that hold you back from your authentic self and true soul’s journey.

This summer season, with the Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross today as I write this blog; a Solar Eclipse on July 11; and a T-square of cardinal planets through most of the summer, will bring more and more shifts internally and externally, to help us to better evolve into alignment with the new Aquarian Age.

Watch for more breakdowns of old ways and breakthroughs into the new between eclipses.

Stay positive during the changing tides of life.  The Oil Spill was meant to show us the error of our ways. We can no longer ravage the Earth for our own selfish benefit, at the expense of our environment and the creatures of the Earth.  We need to stop digging and build new energy resources now.  The downfall of the economy is to show us to new ways that will be better and more equitable for all.  The coming military challenges will be to show us that our dog eat dog mentality is bringing us to the brink of great danger, with all our weapons of mass destruction.

In your own life, whatever breaks down is for a reason. It is to show you to new and better ways to live your life.  I do acknowledge that sometimes shit does happen and it can be very painful and horrible.  But overall do you believe that all happens for a reason or not?  Do you believe you are on a sacred soul’s journey, not just here to raise a family or make money?  There are lessons to be learned and experiences to know, and evolution of your soul has importance.   And very often what we are losing is a doorway into a new phase and often more meaningful phase of our life.

It was inspiring this week to read about a woman who lost her husband during the tragedy of 9-11, and then she started to have contact with him after his death.  She talked to other people who lost loved ones and also were contacted by them after death. This woman then wrote a book about these experiences and subsequently quit her finance company job.  This is a good example of transformation from an old phase of life into a new phase.  And of course it was horrible and tragic to have lost her husband, but the Universe and her deeper soul had new meaningful vistas for her explore and gave her an opportunity to contribute to the human condition here on Earth.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please take time to read new writings at my website and you can hear my first installment of my radio show Perspectives from the Sky at and put perspectives from the sky in search box.  A new live show will be on Saturday July 10 at 1 PM EDT on that same network.

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