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Transformational energies of Saturn/Pluto, Astrology Forecast for November 1-November 7

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The first pass of Saturn square Pluto is now in orb (in influence) as Saturn just went into Libra on Thursday the 29th.  November 15 is the actual date of their meeting.

In line with that aspect, the stock market went down over 250 points today, and Iran turned down an important UN offer to be a part of its uranium enrichment process, which is instrumental in making a bomb.

The stock market’s retreat is because there was a report showing that consumers were still not spending money.  Americans spending money is the most important ingredient for stoking the fires of the economy.    Not spending and high unemployment show we have a long way to go to get the economy out of recession.

The government and media are trying to convince us that all the signs and reports point to a recovering economy, but polls of average Americans show a much different story.   These recent polls show that people are much less hopeful than government reports.

In the bigger picture, the American and world wide economic system does not serve our human family, as it has caused such a wide discrepancy between rich and everyone else.  In an Aquarian Age, which we are on the cusp of, inequality and inequity will not work anymore.   Saturn/Pluto will help to destroy the old to make way for new economic forms, structures and institutions.

Iran’s refusal to agree to the UN offer brings a dark cloud over the Middle East, which brings dark clouds all over the globe.  Israel is hence getting closer to their bombing of Iranian land, in order to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities.

In the bigger picture there will be huge transformation of our world power structure, which begins with it huge changes in the Middle East.

There were two superpowers when the USSR and the USA were at odds with one another.  Since the end of the USSR there has been only one superpower, the USA.

By 2020 when the Aquarian Age will be more fully opened, there will be a more equal distribution of world power.   China, India, Pakistan, Iran, USA, and Europe will be on more equal footing with one another.  It is also possible that we will have many mini-states or city states, like there was in Renaissance Italy, instead of the major nations that currently cover our Earth community

Make no mistake about it, Saturn and Pluto together can bring much devastation in their process of powerful transformation.  They destroy old forms and structures, and clear the way for new birth, new forms and structures.

Saturn was conjunct Pluto the year World War I started (1914); and the year World War II started (1939) Saturn squared Pluto.  Saturn opposed Pluto in August 2001, just before the twin towers were brought down.

Events that dramatic do not always happen when Pluto and Saturn make hard aspect with one another, but more often than not.  Because there are so many powerful aspects in 2010, we can expect dramatic events to unfold, especially so because we are on the cusp now of an Aquarian Age.

So expect explosive events to happen over the next year, as Saturn makes 3 passes in square to Pluto during that time.

In personal lives it is time to let go of that which needs to die in your life and consciousness.  If you hold on it only will cause you more pain and suffering.

It is important to remember that we are each part of the building of a new world, a new age.   Letting go of fear and instead trusting life is most important now.   Death and birth are always swirling around together in our human Earth experience.

Have you not watched as a new baby is born in families, that around the same time someone or some pet dies, or a relationship or job ends?

So each of us is also going through our own changes in line with the changes going on in the world.  I have noticed many friends, family, and clients recently going through many challenging and sometimes traumatic events in their lives.

As Saturn makes aspect to Pluto now, do your best to let go of that which is holding you back from embracing the new world inside of you and in your life.

This new world begins with your caring about your true and authentic self, not the self that has been programmed to fit in and be what others want you to be.

Let go of people and situations that keep you stuck in old ways of being and seeing your self.  Sometimes when someone leaves us or we lose a job, for instance, it means it is time to let go of an old shell of ourselves.

That person or job helped keep us in patterns and reactions that belied who we were becoming, belied our true and authentic selves and belied a life more attuned to a sense of purpose.

As you get more connected to your true self, you also connect to new ways to live, to healthier ways of being.   You care more about our human community and the world we live in.  You care more about how you eat and how healthy your life is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

You see signs and symbols and synchronicities that light your path and give your life direction.  You know you are connected and aligned with your deeper self and the Universe.

So as the walls of our old world fall down, do not be afraid.  You will be guided to where you need to be and what you need to do.

Astrology Forecast for November 1- November 7

We are now two weeks away from the first pass of Saturn square Pluto.  Watch for signs the economy is losing its old sense of normal.  This could mean there are signs the economy is not in recovery mode, as has been reported.   Look for signs that Iran is a place that world powers and especially Israel are considering bombing before spring 2010.

Watch especially the stress and weight of problems being brought to President Obama.  The Saturn square Pluto aspect makes very close aspect to the President’s natal Venus in Cancer.  It will be quite difficult now for the president to feel safe and nurtured.     This aspect portends grave challenges for him during the holiday season and beyond.

On November 1, as we set our clocks back Mercury squares Mars and shows that conversations can be intense and passionate.   Energies are shifting also as we approach a Full Moon.

The actual Full Moon will be in Scorpio/Taurus on Monday the 2nd at 2:14 PM EST and 11:14 AM PST.  Taurus governs “taking in and holding in”, and Scorpio is letting out and releasing.    Taurus holds on, stays calm, and will not give in or react.  Scorpio intensifies emotions and can disrupt tranquility.

The intensity of the full moon is usually a day or two before the full moon until a day or two after the full moon.   With Mars in Leo square the Sun and Moon, this full moon could bring out intense emotions and power struggles.

On Wednesday Neptune goes direct and the inner mysteries of life become more apparent.   It may be more difficult to stay directed, but easier to let go and trust.  Some may even feel more “spacey” now. The more you can go with the flow for a couple of days, the better.

On Friday the Moon moves into Cancer and helps us to feel more safe and nurtured.  The next couple of days, with the Moon in Cancer, find time to escape your normal running around and find cozy comfortable surroundings.

See you next week,

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please visit my website for more writings and information about my readings and other services.

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