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Truth and Love and Astrology Forecast April 14-20.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Energy Shift this coming week as there is a Full Moon in Libra on Friday the 19th. It makes two Full Moons in Libra, back to back. The last one was on Spring Equinox on March 20.

On the next day after the Full Moon in Libra this coming Friday, the Sun goes into Taurus on Saturday.

So both Libra and Taurus are said to be “ruled” by Goddess Venus, also known as Aphrodite.  Venus is the female counterpart to the male Mars.  And Mars (ruler of Aries) has been around perhaps too much lately.

Venus is heart and relationship oriented,  seeking peace and harmony. She is socially conscious, and tends to care (sometimes too much) about what others think of her.

She wants to be beautiful herself, but also is drawn to beauty as an artistic person. She can be very idealistic, and always looks for what is fair and balanced. One of her two ruled signs, Libra, is about the scales of Justice.

And Taurus, her other sign, also is about beauty and receptivity, but also about being sensuous and attuned to the physical, including Nature. She also is drawn to physical resources like land and money.

So you can be more in touch with your body now, especially so the pleasures of your body.

One of the weaknesses of Venus is also its strength.  She is so relationship oriented, and understands so much about relating; but as such she often loses herself as she so accommodates others before herself.

The Full Moon in Libra is on Friday the 19th at 7:12 AM EDT.  This Full Moon consists of the Sun in Aries exactly opposite the Moon in Libra. Being true to Self and its need for independence and personal empowerment (Aries) seeks to be balanced now by needs to relate, to be with others, to socialize, to love (Libra).

Aries likes challenge, competition and sometimes conflict. Libra likes being with others, being peaceful, and balanced.

Netanyahu just won another election to stay Prime Minister of Israel.  He was born with the Sun and Moon in Libra at a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra.

And his buddy Trump was born at a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini/Sagittarius.

These two make bullies look good in comparison to them. And each of them has tendencies to want to be dictator and emperor.

Nationalism is a growing movement in the world now, and anti immigrant is part of that movement. It is a desire of these nationalists to go back to some kind of purity in how it used to be in their country.

In many of their minds, there is a sense that these aliens are inferior to them. They often want to go back to when all the citizens were of the same nationality, race, and religion as one another.

Just prior to World War II, the same sentiment was growing.  Italy, Spain, and Germany were all getting more and more nationalistic. That nationalism became fascism.

Don’t get me wrong. There are needs to have strong borders and to have rules for becoming citizens.  But some of this does smell of  fascism.

The power of globalism is growing at the same time.  This will all reach a climax in 2019-2021 with so many powerful eclipses and planetary configurations during that time period.

Globalism unites, nationalism separates.   In a healthy world this potentially translates into Diversity Within Unity,  a large part of the Age of Aquarius paradigm.

We do need distinct individualism to come together into Unity.

But right now nationalism often equates with fear and hatred of those differences. Potentially there may come a domination and control of the masses to keep order.

And globalism often equates with no boundaries and increasing chaos.

Look at the border now between Mexico and the United States.  People are desperately wanting to come into the USA and could be bringing much desperation and chaos with them.

And the Authorities may go over the top with forceful and violent control methods.

Hitler took advantage of the fears of his people, sold them on German purity, and violently dominated and murdered millions who were different. He found a strong ally in Italy’s Mussolini.

Netanyahu uses similar methods of fear mongering about Palestinian terror, and Israel is in the process of taking over more and more lands of the Palestinians. Netanyahu is building an Apartheid world as it was in South Africa.  It will get much worse as Trump has become such a strong ally of his.

We need to stay awake, and make sure we do not get complacent and too attached to our creature comfort needs.

The next few Eclipse Seasons leading up to the next election in November 2020 and the Aquarian Age conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in December 2020, will be powerful and life changing. Please watch new video:  listen to podcast:

The world is not ending. The result of all these shake-ups is evolution of consciousness, letting in more truth and love,  spiritual growth, a stronger knowing that all the dots of the world and Universe are connected, and an Age of Aquarius.

But at the same time as all this happens, we each need to be in our personal power, looking for the truth, which is not always pretty.

Love without truth is not real.   Truth without Love is cold and cynical.

Together they can do anything, can move mountains, and make magic.  They are the holiest of relationships.

The two planets most resonant with relating and communicating move out of Pisces and into Aries this week. Mercury, master communicator, goes into Aries on Wednesday the 17th. Venus, master of relating, goes into Aries next Saturday the 20th.

Aries is straight-forward and direct, going right for the jugular of Truth. Mars rules Aries.

And with Venus so strong too this week, with a Libra Full Moon and the Sun going into Taurus; we are being given the opportunity this week to do a better job of bringing Truth and Love together.

Till next week


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