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Unity Consciousness and Astrology Forecast for June 13-19

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

There is a New Moon in Gemini today- Saturday June 12. This new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle that leads into the summer solstice on June 21, and then into the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross on June 26. 

So this weekend is sort of an entryway into the summer season, a most intense summer season ahead.

Gemini brings many mental and communicative frequencies into our lives.    Let them in, but be careful not to get too scattered, or overwhelmed with information, or too nervous over attempts to figure things out.   Conversations and socializing can be helpful for expressing and releasing these energies.  Keeping it light and fun is in alignment with Gemini energies.

But as this New Moon in Gemini is the beginning of the lunar cycle that leads up to the Summer Solstice and Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross, we can also expect issues and events in your life to be heating up.  And new issues and events may come into your personal life this week that set a tone for the summer season ahead.

In our personal lives and in the greater world we are approaching crossroads times. 

In what areas of life are you at a crossroads?    Have you been on the fence with a relationship, not knowing if you can work out issues between you?    Are you not sure if you can keep your job or if you can keep a business going?    Are you not sure if you want to stay on a job or even if you want to change careers?   Are you thinking of moving, not sure what to do?

This summer events will ensue that will likely push you in one direction or another. There will either be breakdowns of the old ways that will let you know it is definitely time to move on, or you will get obvious inspirations to move you into new zones of your life.

In the greater world there are many issues of crisis that are coming to a head and will break open soon.

In the economy, some are saying we are in recovery and some are saying we are about to go into a double-dip recession and even depression. This summer we will know. Surrounding the Lunar Eclipse events will shake out to provide us with a clearer picture afterwards. 

With the gulf oil spill, it is getting close to the time when we will know how bad this disaster really is.  Can we contain the spill and stop the oil from gushing? Or is this disaster going to get far worse?   This summer we will know more.

The Flotilla to Gaza attack by Israel has caused many repercussions.   Both Turkey and Iran have said they intend to send ships to Gaza in order to break the blockade by Israel, a blockade that stops needed aid from coming to the Palestinian people.   If they do send these ships, a much bigger conflict will arise.     And Western Powers are getting very worried about Iran and its capability to build a nuclear weapon.    How dangerous will it get there?     This summer events will break open to let us know where things are headed in the Middle East.

North Korea this passing spring torpedoed a South Korean boat and killed almost 50 sailors.  The South and its allies, including the USA are formulating a response to this attack.      How North Korea then responds is not known yet. We will know much more this summer.

There will be many other global events this summer that we do not anticipate, including more than usual natural events like hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes.

There is also a trend toward breaking down and breaking through boundaries, liberating oneself or peoples from confining or repressive situations.  Freedom is the issue.

On a global scale there will be more and more people who are forced from their homes this summer, through foreclosures, natural or man-made disasters, or emigration.

The world this summer will go through much change and many surprises will happen.

It is wise to acknowledge that these personal and global events are meant to happen in order to push us out of an old world, a dying paradigm and age.  We are generally speaking a species that is quite adaptable to changing conditions.  Adapting to changing conditions is necessary to evolution.

And now as conditions change more radically, we are forced to evolve more rapidly.  To do so we must let go of old attitudes and beliefs that keep us chained to an old world and paradigm that is dying.  We need to find ways to move beyond notions of ultimate separation and take in more unity consciousness.  This does not mean we all need to be the same. In an Aquarian Age, which we are evolving into, there is more recognition and respect for distinctive individuality.

But at the same time we see one large family or community of peoples and creatures and environment and Universe. 

Moving to this notion of diversity in unity is essential now to our evolution as a species, and to our ability to save life on this planet and for humanity.

The challenges we have now like the oil spill are dependent on our changing our attitudes.  In this case we honor our Earth annd also realize we are all connected, through the oceans of Earth.  The digging of her and making her bleed oil through the waters must stop. It can only truly be healed if we move to knowing deep in our souls that we are all one family on the Earth, joined together

The dangers of war coming up will force us to realize that our making enemies of others, while having created weapons of mass destruction, can only mean horrible disaster some day for the Earth and all its creatures. Do we need to be taken to the brink to realize this?

Unity consciousness is necessary now to bring us to an evolved enough state to save life on this planet.

And it is important to marry truth with unity or love now too.   It is TRUE that the glaciers are melting and that there is global warming. All intelligent beings know this.   We must face this truth and so many others in order to feel the urgency that will motivate us to ACT NOW on so many issues of vital importance.

Please be part of the Conscious Convergence this July 17/18.  There are local events in your area to honor the Unity Consciousness we all need to evolve to now. If you cannot attend please be there in spirit and through meditation. 

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please visit my website to find more writings or to learn more about readings or sessions I provide. You can also write

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