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Weekly WorldView and Astrology Forecast

Perspectives from the Sky weekly blog and forecast will look at the week ahead, but will also provide a view of the months and years ahead, as well as an overall view and deeper insight into our human life experience and condition.  As a seasoned and long time astrologer I will use astrological maps to assist my perspectives.

Through this column we will be thinking outside the conventional world boxes.  Normally the conventional world presents us with a certain paradigm for reality that we all more or less buy into, and of course if we leave it too much we leave the “reality” that we are taught will keep us safe and “sane.”

But of course many years ago some people left the “sanity” of a flat world philosophy and dared believe the world was round.  And now many people are leaving the reality of our current world reality as its sanity is insane, and the people who have bought into it are getting more and more neurotic, or have ADD, or on prescription meds, or non prescription meds, or are addicted to one thing or another, or are locked into material logic, or are living in a fairy dream world to cope.

The world is truly changing by leaps and bounds now and has been for awhile; but we tenaciously, for security reasons, cling to the old which is literally driving us crazy.    I believe we have been leaving an old world, paradigm and Age and are entering what is sometimes called an Aquarian Age.   Some believe in the Mayan Calendar and believe the New World begins on December 20 2012.  I believe the Aquarian Age semi-officially begins in December of 2020.

The craziness has just begun, the economy in trouble is just the beginning of much more turmoil, which is meant to help us to let go of the old reality and to embrace the new.

Just as it often takes some dramatic event, like someone having an affair, to break up a dead marriage or other relationship, it will take dramatic events to break up our hold on an old age.

This weekly column is meant to talk to those who are in the process of leaving the old paradigm and are searching for new meaning to their lives and/or have already embraced a new paradigm for living.   There are many things new paradigm seekers have in common as we venture out from a world that makes no real sense anymore.

We seek a world built on fairness, truth, caring, and a desire to be part of a human revolution beyond control by “kings and queens” or governments or mega corporations.  That revolution defines us as stewards of the earth and responsible for our own well being and the well being of our human family on the Earth.

We believe in honoring the natural diversity of the human family, but also honoring our connection as one family with common human traits, emotions, and concerns.

We will certainly blow the earth and ourselves up if we do not learn to coexist- it is inevitable.  Our minds are well developed and our technologies reflect this reality, but our hearts and souls must heal and be honored equally with our minds if we are to bring together our human family as one and heal our planet (see

We also stand ready to connect with those from other planets as we live in one Universe together.  It is certain that before long Visitations will be known by more than a few.   These more public visitations will likely bring us closer together as one Earth Human Family.

This year we will expand our efforts to hold back the tide of hatred from around the world from those we have demonized like Iran and North Korea and Al Queada.  Before we all experience the diversity in Oneness of an Aquarian Age, we are destined to be at war with those we consider our enemies.    The nuclear bomb is a horrible dark cloud hovering over our Earth lives.

Astrology Forecast for Week of 4/25 thru-5/2

There will be 3 eclipses in a row in July/August (a rarity).  There are usually overall 2 eclipses in a row, twice a year, but this year there are 5.  There were 2 in January/February and now 3 coming in July August.  Eclipses happen at new and full moons only.

Eclipses bring shakeups to our personal and collective lives, which cause breakdowns and breakthroughs into change and transformation.  This will be a very intense, transformational, and even hellish summer for some as world events explode into our lives. More on this as we get closer to the summer.

For this week beginning on Saturday the 25th of April:

There was a New Moon in Taurus on Friday the 24th of April at 11:23 PM Eastern daylight time.  It will still be a “dark moon”, however, until Saturday night when the crescent shows.  Before that we are revving up our engines, and at the crescent we begin to move more fully forward.  The kind of movement most conducive to Taurus is slow and deliberate and present with all one’s senses.  Taurus seeks comfort and security, so these issues would be good to follow now.  Try to get more comfortable in your body and in your life.  Manage your physical resources, your home and finances.  Enjoy the relative comfort of nature and the outdoors more.

It is normally important not to push ourselves too much with planets in Taurus, but now we also have Venus and Mars in forceful Aries so you may feel motivated to take more action than Taurus wants.  And on Sunday things could get very intense as Mars in Aries squares “lord of the underworld” Pluto, and some people will show more anger and upset than usual.  Watch the greater world also from Saturday through Monday for potentially powerful events.

Monday there will be a tendency to meet responsibilities and work hard mentally as the Moon squares Saturn in Gemini.  Late Tuesday into Thursday evening you will need more down time and nurturing as the Moon goes into Cancer.

On Thursday the Moon goes into creative and fun loving Leo for a few days.  Also on Thursday Mercury leaves practical Taurus for talkative open-minded Gemini, so let your mind and voice open up more freely now.

We will talk again next weekend.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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